Director: Matthew Vaughn

Cast: Aaron Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Moretz

Synopsis: Curious as to why no one has ever really donned a costume and fought crime just like in the comic books, teenager Dave Lizewski buys a wetsuit online to become “Kick-Ass”.   He suddenly finds himself a minor celebrity after taking a beating, however he gets mistaken by crime boss Frank D’Amico as the person interfering with his operations.   The ones responsible, however, are more genuinely highly trained vigilantes, Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

A review by Film Nerd

A lot has already been said about this film, and it gained a reputation, particularly among parental groups, over the level of swearing and violence.   Ok, this is a valid point, if you think you are taking your child to your average Spiderman or Batman feature.   However, allow me to stand on my soap box a bit and say LOOK AT THE RATING PEOPLE!!”   This is a film for mature audiences, despite the presence of an 11 year old assassin.   And if the parental stance is that you have employed an 11yo to drop the c-bomb, Chloe Moretz took on the role of Hit Girl with her own parents’ consent, and watching her on screen shows a performer wise beyond her years, and she strikes me as the type of kid that can distinguish acting from reality!!

Soap box rant over.   I feel it important to cover those facts first, as this is a film that “kicks ass”,  and will be my first ever 5 star review for Film Actually.    If I were to give this a defining genre, it would have to be comedy.   Yes there is violence, as brother of Bride of Film Nerd once stated, scaring Bride of Film Nerd from joining me to see it.   A shame, given her love of comedy.   I feel that she would have enjoyed this film, as despite the violence, more often than not it is done in a comedic way and there is no excess of gore to turn the weak stomached away.

Aaron Johnson takes on the title role, and makes Kick-Ass his own.   Despite some intentionally cringe-worthy moments, you can’t help barracking for the guy.   Mark Strong once again portrays one of the most delightful of villains, and Christoppher Mintz-Plasse as his son trying to make dad proud shows there is more to this guy than Superbad’s McLovin.   The show however, belongs to Cage and Moretz, who chew up the scenes together and give the real entertainment backbone of the movie.   Moretz even outshines a back in form Cage, but when he dons the Big Daddy costume and channels Adam West’s 1960s Batman, it is absolutely priceless.

So yes, this is a violent, cuss-heavy film.   But did that ever turn anyone awat from Tarantino, whose films generally contain a lot more of both??   If you like comedy, and you are not easily offended, see this film yesterday!

5 stars (out of a possible 5)

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