Star Wars Episode II – Reimagined

This post follows on directly from Star Wars Episode I – Reimagined, where I started publishing my improved Star Wars prequel trilogy.   Reading that post first may be necessary to follow the story in the current post.

Star Wars Episode II: A Rising Storm

  • Don’t make storm troopers all Jango Fett clones.   Yes, the Clone Wars are mentioned in the original movies, but it could be so much more insidious if the Sith had cloned key members of the democracy to achieve his ends, leading to these wars.
  • The early plot is okay, an assassination attempt on Padme requiring her to go into hiding.   That said, I would therefore actually have them, um, hiding!   Not frolicking in great big open fields with animals for the entire world to see.   Naboo may be safe, but there are such things as spies who just might consider Padme coming home for protection!!
  • I have them hiding in underground caverns, in very close quarters with each other.   In that environment, combined with the decreased age gap I introduced in Episode I, I feel the romance would be more believable.   Just the two of them, in adversity, sharing their hopes and fears.   Let the feelings develop for both of them, why they both try to deny it as their responsibilities make the relationship unwise.   Personally, I can still be convinced Ani is in love even if he doesn’t hang around her like a stalker from the opening frame!!
  • Yes, to continue, I would change Anakin’s entire persona in this.  He is a supposed to be a Jedi, not a petulant sleaze bag.   If the character remains noble until his downfall, isn’t the fall so much the greater??
  • His mother’s death can be the catalyst of the start of the downfall.   Cracks can appear in his exterior, for him to share with Padme not with screams and anger, but simple anguish.   This can also be the catalyst for them to give into their feelings not at this difficult time, but at the end of the film.   But the first signs of this romance can be done with words, not him groping her bare shoulder uninvited (sleaze alert again).
  • Padme is all he feels close to.   His mother gone, his Dad crippled in the Tuscan raider attack, and his brother not having prevented the abduction, he feels abandoned by them.   He may even put a lot of blame on his brother, who was also strong with the force, but without Jedi training, he is nothing but a farmer.
  • As before, everyone gets reunited on the mech droid planet, where Obi-Wan has uncovered the clone conspiracy.   Then get rid of the arena fight.   Rather Obi-Wan, Anakin and Padme can be on the run because they know the truth.   Padme at some point can get almost killed, and Anakin’s reaction can be a revelation of him finally giving into his feelings.
  • They escape and bring their findings to the Republic.   This initiates a period of war generated by everyone not knowing who to trust.   Are your leaders the elected officials, or clones put in place by a malevolent force??
  • Obi-Wan also announces his battle with Count Dooku to the Jedi Council.   A battle that Yoda was never present for.   I feel his skill with a lightsabre and the force could be saved for Episode III with his battle with Palpatine.
  • The Council agrees it is too early to assault the Sith, as they are already growing powerful, and to strike without more information could be dangerous.   They agree in this time of civil unrest that the Sith remain a Jedi secret to prevent the current war from escalating.
  • Anakin loses his hand in the battle with Dooku, to represent the start of his transition to machine and parallel Luke in Empire.   He wakes in bed, Padme by his side.   They confess their love, but agree to keep it secret.   No wedding should be shown at this stage.    I believe that should occur after a greater passage of time than is shown here.

As before, feel free to comment.   The changes I have made here are less drastic than with Episode I, but that is partially as a lot of the mistakes with Episodes II and III came from unfortunate plot devices of the first episode.   There will be fewer changes to Episode III, but if you like my version so far, keep posted for the final instalment.

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