Star Wars Episode III – Reimagined

For my reimagined versions of Episodes I and II, refer to the relevant posts in the blog.   A lot of the significant prequel changes are listed there, and impact how one would view this final chapter.

Star Wars Episode III: Eclipse of Destiny

  • Some time is supposed to have passed between since Episode II due to the progression of the Clone Wars, the marriage between Padme and Anakin could have taken place between films and alluded to at the start of this one.
  • My non-petulant and not arrogant version of Anakin has become a powerful Jedi of some renown, despite his age.   However, he has broken Jedi doctrine by loving Padme.    He not only fears for Padme’s life in general but he is aware of it being his one weakness.
  • I would introduce also a clarifying of an estrangement between Owen and Anakin.   Anakin is still good enough to forgive Owen for not doing more, but Owen resents Anakin never being there to help in the first place.   This will explain his attitude in Episode IV towards Luke flying off in his father’s footsteps.   I introduce this forgiveness from Anakin once again on the basis that the fall of a good man is the greatest fall of all.
  • All this being the case, Padme is the only family on which he can rely.   Without it being his intent, so much of who he is has become wrapped up in her, and his own humanity remains strong while she supports him.
  • It was established in the films Anakin became friendly with Palpatine.   He may notice their connection in the Republic chambers, and use that to his advantage.   He convinces Anakin her life is in danger, but he has way to save her.
  • Subsequently, Palpatine uses one Dooku, who has not been killed in the opening minutes this time, to abduct Padme, convincing Anakin that this is where he needs to exert greater power as to date the council has not been able to defeat him.
  • In defeating Dooku with Sith power, he becomes drunk on that power and goes into a rage that nothing was done to prevent Padme’s abduction in the first place.   Padme sees this and becomes scared for him.   When left alone by Anakin to sleep, she contacts Obi-Wan and calls for his aid.
  • This can lead to their meeting pretty much as it occurred in the final film.   Obi-Wan tries to reach out to Anakin, but he has continued to foster Sith power and let it corrupt him.   The final battle takes place as we saw, with some of the great lines of the franchise present in that scene; “You were a brother to me!!”, “You were supposed to bring balance to the Force, not tear it to pieces!”
  • From then on, the money shot of Anakin becoming Darth, Padme dying in child-birth, and Darth waking to hear of her death stay.   What goes is the stupid “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”.   Much better expressed with a simple, quiet strangled “No…..”.   He collapses to the ground, clenches his fists, and the room rattles as his anguish ripples through the force, not through any physical act.   As he gets up, he accosts the Emperor “you were supposed to help me protect her!”.   He is soothed by the Palpatine’s lies, but it should be clear some resentment is still there.   This sign-posts his turning on the Emperor in Episode VI, as the Emperor is actually killing his son, his last connection to Padme.

There it is.   I hoped you liked it, please feel free to post your own thoughts on this version of events.

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