The Film Nerds Take Revenge

Yes, that is right, Revenge of the Film Nerds is taking the next step in its evolution.    Though the site can still be accessed by the original Film Actually address, the primary site to visit us is now;

As such, our rebranding is now complete.   But what’s in a name???   In addition to formalising this blog (which will very soon also feature its own logo), myself and my fellow contributors have some fresh plans for the future.   Though we will continue supplying movie reviews, with a particular focus on genre films, ROTFN seeks to keep the Sydney geek informed of anything that may strike his or her fancy.

Following the success of our round-up of Supanava last year, the Film Nerds will be attending Armageddon next month.   Keep your eyes peeled for our reports and photos of the event.   We will also be looking to write reviews on a much wider basis than just movies.   I am particularly keen to read what FourthVerse will have to contribute in the form of anime reviews.

A final note, in les than two weeks, there will be a brief hiatus in posts supplied by myself and Bride of Film Nerd, as we head on our Honeymoon.   Given our destination is Middle Earth, however, get ready for a travel journal and photos to be posted on our return!!

Thanks for reading, and here’s to another succesful year!!!

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