I Love You Too – A Review by Film Nerd

Director: Daina Reid

Cast: Brendan Cowell, Peter Dinklage, Yvonne Strahovski, Peter Helliar, Megan Gale, Bridie Carter, Steve Bisley

Synopsis: Jim has a one night stand with Alice, which becomes a relationship, one in which Alice is invested enough to move from London to Australia.   Three and a half years later, not only is Jim no closer to proposing, but he has never once told Alice he loves her.   She decides to go back home, so Jim is on a quest to win her back, with the help of Charlie, a guy he met after trying to steal the latter’s car….

A review by Film Nerd.

Thos film has clearly been so popular, that I picked it up in a bargain bin at Big W, mainly because Bride of Film Nerd had expressed an interest in it many moons ago, I think largely on the basis that it is a comedy.   So I was watching this film with no expectations.   I am not sure if this contributed to my reaction, but I found this film surprisingly good.

The concept is pretty basic, and suits the formula for a billion rom-coms.   This one is set apart by two elements.   The first is its distinctly Australian feel and humour.   This is not necessarily humour that will translate well overseas.   But just like Kenny and The Castle, local audiences will find something distinctly enjoyable.   Unlike those films though, there is less of a belly laugh focus, and more a focus on a clever, satisfying Aussie humour.   The other important element was the involvement of Peter Dinklage.   He is perhaps the most recognisable shorter stature actor today, a title that could only ever have been truly held by Warwick Davis in the past.   Davis though was always perhaps more popular for fantasy roles.   Dinklage has entered that territory with Prince Caspian, but is also very adept at drama, as evidence in his debut,The Station Agent.   In this film, his Charlie is a character of great depth.   He is capable of sharp humour, yet his character arc is an extremely sympathetic one.   Dinklage’s performance really brings this home.

So this is a good film, even if the rest of the cast is overshadowed by Dinklage when he is on-screen.   Yes, his performance is even enough to distract from Megan Gale’s beauty, and her surprisingly good performance.   The rest of the cast are not bad.   They establish and maintain their characters well.   Even the more annoying characters (yes, I am referring to writer/producer.star Helliar’s Blake) do get a moment to shine.   That said, I think Blake was the one major detracting element of the film, being Helliar playing Helliar.

It is rare to find a perfect rom-com.   The only one I can personally think of is Love Actually.   I Love You Too is not a perfect rom-com, yet it blends those two genres well, and is a quietly entertaining film to enjoy on a lazy Friday or Saturday night.

3 stars out of 5

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