30 Day Film Challenge Day 2 – Least Favourite Film

Film Nerd’s Choice: Sour Grapes


My selection of this film was, unlike my choice for Day 1, very straight-forward.   I enjoy most films I watch, finding at least some redeeming feature in the film, whether it be the intent of the project that did not translate on-screen, or a noble performance amidst a film that is not worth anyone’s time.   As such, I will sit through most films, even if they have not really grabbed my attention.   There is only one film I could not manage to sit through, and that was Sour Grapes.

Having not finished the film, I will not give a full review in the usual sense that I do.   I cannot give it an honest full review having not seen it all.   I was watching it at a friend’s place, a friend whom was at the time obsessed with Seinfeld.   The fact this film was made by some of the creative talent of said show was the basis on which this film was rented.   Larry David was not at this stage known for Curb Your Enthusiasm, but none of the wit that made that show a success was present  in this film.   The humour did not grab us, the characters were just plain unlikable, and the situation they were in (two friends, one adds the third and final quarter into the other’s slot machine, the spin results in a multi-million dollar win, and the guy on the machine only returns the quarter), was not conducive to putting these abhorrent people in a positive light.

When the film degenerates to having as guy on-screen actually blowing himself, I ask you to have the fortitude to stick with it!!

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