30 Day Film Challenge Day 11 – A Film By Your Favorite Director

Film Nerd’s Choice: Glory


I have made no secret in the history of posting on this site that I am a particular fan of the director Edward Zwick.   I have even at one point dedicated a week’s worth of reviews entirely based on his output.   I had actually seen films of his before alighting upon Glory, notably Courage Under Fire.   However it was with Glory that I began researching and following his career with interest.   He has a capacity for introducing viewers to lesser known stories within the context of larger conflicts.

Specifically with Glory he highlight’s the plight of the first African-American regiment of troops assembled during the American Civil War.   It is not just a story about the leaps forward such an effort made, but the continuing fight for respect needed to even get this regiment on the battlefield.   It features some powerhouse performances, particularly from ever-amazing Morgan Freeman, and a Best Supporting Actor Oscar turn from Denzel Washington.

For my full Glory review previously posted, please click here.

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