30 Day Film Challenge Day 14 – The Film That No One Expected You To Like

Film Nerd’s Choice: Jersey Girl

Choosing a film for today on the movie challenge was perhaps my most difficult choice to date.   The simple fact is, anyone who knows me knows that I love movies in every shape, fashion and form, so no-one dares assume summarily that I will not like a certain type of film.   Bride of Film Nerd was even unable to answer the question for me, but she has an added advantage of knowing the select sub-genre of films I do not like, and there is not a Wayans Brothers film yet that I have broken the trend on yet and loved.

So that left me with remembering a Kevin Smith fan once telling me that Jersey Girl had no relation and none of the quality to the films in the Smith View Askew Universe.   To the uninitiated, I refer to the quintet of films that was Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (Clerks 2 was released subsequent to Jersey Girl).   I can see why I was given this negative review of the film.   However, I can appreciate that Smith was trying to make a different type of film.   A widower played by Ben Affleck is left raising his young daughter alone when new love interest Liv Tyler comes into his life.

The film was not mind-blowing… I have not seen it subsequent to my first viewing, but I also did enjoy it at the time, even if just as a passing fluffy film for the evening.   As I recall, the film only sucked when real-life Affleck partner at the time J.Lo was playing the first wife.   Her exit was sad, but when the ever adorable Liv Tyler took her place, the film took brilliant leaps forward.   Also, Affleck’s on-screen daughter (Raquel Castro) was definitely cute and had a good, significant role to play in the proceedings too.

I will not give a rating, as my memory of the film is too hazy.   I will say it did make for a good night in, however.


Jersey Girl on IMDB

Jersey Girl on Rotten Tomatoes

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