30 Day Film Challenge Day 18 – Your Favorite Comedy Film

Film Nerd’s Choice: Galaxy Quest


If anyone has been religiously following my entries on the 30 day film challenge, they would be very well aware of the influences the Lord of the Rings, James Bond, and Star Trek have on many of the films I have posted.   So it is little surprise that I would select a comedy which reflects on one of these obsessions.   It is purely and simply the fact for me that I don’t think there is a good enough spoof to date for the fantasy or spy genres, though Lord of the Rings and Bond would be common touchstones for each.   There has been a successful Trek parody, however, for good old Star Trek.

Galaxy quest lovingly lampoons the cast of the original series of Star Trek, with direct references to the egotistical actor who got to play the Captain of the ship, the serious actor who has forever been typecast as the alien sidekick he played on the series, and the lead female character who seemed to perform no other function on the ship other than to let her cleavage be visible.   These are just three of the most obvious references, for a film that is veritably littered with them.   Yet the film also manages to squeeze some heart into the proceedings, elevating it above a cookie-cutter comedy.

You can find my full Galaxy Quest Review here.

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