30 Day Film Challenge Day 24 – Your Favorite Animated or Children’s Film

Film Nerd’s Choice: The Princess Bride


Once again this challenge left me with a very hard choice.   I know many high quality animated films, and many of them span genre’s, from classic Disney and Pixar/Dreamworks stylings, through to Asian animations, such as child friendly Miyazaki pics to the more adult films in the Akira vein.   I was spending some time debating between Toy Story 3, WALL-E and Up, when I expanded my search into the general kid’s film area.   This is when lightning struck for me.

All the films listed above I own on DVD or Blu-Ray, but the simple fact is that I watch The Princess Bride more than any of them.   I am also more prone to quote the Princess Bride most often of them all.   Also, when I purchased Yoostar 2 at the movies for X-box Kinect, the first scene I jumped to act in was Inigo Montoya’s six-fingered man monologue.    It is a film of fantasy, of comedy, of love, all told at a kid’s level, but performed and directed with such fun it is open to all audiences.

For my full The Princess Bride review, click here.

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