Gametraders Blacktown First Birthday – Sunday July 31st

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Bride of Film Nerd and I headed back to Gametraders Blacktown today for a day that was even more fun than yesterday.   Not only were there more people in store to help celebrate, but between 12-2pm, the store held its cosplay competition.   The prize being a $100 voucher for the store, I felt compelled to compete!!

Unfortunately for me, Westpoint security was not happy with my costume, and asked for me to remove my mask.   The friendly people at Gametraders jumped to my defence though, and I was allowed to wear the costume inside the store.   I just was unable to cross the threshold to the outside…


There were a few good costumes around, and I think we managed to get photos of almost all of them.   I put them below here, starting with an image of myself with our new friend Lauren, the Cyber Siren, as Emma Frost.

Film Nerd with The Cyber Siren

Film Nerd with new mate Adrian

Film Nerd with new mate "Logan" Luke

The results for the cosplay competition will be decided after close of business today.   May the best costumes win 🙂

I had a blast this weekend.   I would highly recommend Gametraders Blacktown to anyone, both on the basis of fantastic merchandise and really friendly staff.   I intend to make myself a regular at the store from this point forwards!

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