Crownies Episode 5

Air Date: 4th August 2011

Cast: Todd Lasance, Hamish Michael, Ella Scott Lynch, Andrea Demetriades, Indiana Evans, Marta Dusseldorp, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Jerome Ehlers

Synopsis: Janet is back in action now, given a difficult case of a woman accused of murdering her two sons.   She asks Erin to assist, though the latter turns it down due to her workload with the Mervich case, leaving the door open for Ben to take his shot at a bigger case.   Despite this, Erin and Janet start to form a bond, and share some intimate secrets.   Tatum has a prickly case herself concerning a rock star whom was knowingly transmitting HIV to up to twenty sexual partners.   Meanwhile in her personal life, Connor gets to meet Tatum’s formidable father.   Richard once again has trouble in court, this time due to the fact his own witness refuses to cooperate.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again this weeks episode successfully builds upon and expands the strong foundations that have been established previously.   In addition to having an ensemble cast of strong, interesting characters, the writers continue to give them both interesting cases to face professionally and some personal demons to deal with outside of work hours.    I feel this episode also benefited from a lack of reliance on some more raunchy scenes, with the focus being on what really makes the show great.

What was perhaps the strongest story this week was the burgeoning friendship between Janet and Erin.   It begins as a simple conversation/quiz in the tea room which earns some respect for Erin on Janet’s part.   This leads to the offer to assist in her new case.   Though Erin rejects it, the lines of communication are still left open.   Janet confides her secret of undergoing IVF treatment, while Erin seeks advice on the fact that she simply ha s no real memory of what happened the night the fateful memo was leaked.   The friendship shown here develops naturally, as it is clear to see personality similarities between the two characters, the main difference being that Janet’s greater experience allows her to detach herself emotionally from her cases.

In comparison, the other characters do not have quite as much to do this week.   We get another poor Richard moment when he flounders in front of the same judge, with a real d***head of a witness that clams up on him because Richard would not buy him a donut for breakfast… after Richard had already gone above and beyond buying him two sandwiches.   Meanwhile, a misinterpreted comment to Tatum looks like it will leave him once again homeless.   Tatum’s case is interesting, but plays second-fiddle to her dinner with her father in which the Connor introduction is made.   Interestingly, Connor stands up to him when seeing him to his car, a potentially dangerous action, but one that earns Tatum’s father’s respect.   I guess there was too much already going on in this episode, but there is no real Lina story on display this week, apart from some information of the aftermath of her brother’s arrest for vandalism.

Changes of focus are natural in an ensemble cast television series, so the specific highlighting of Erin and Janet this week is by no means a criticism.   As long as future episodes maintain a balance of focus, then the high quality seen to date will certainly be maintained.

4 stars out of 5.

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