The Sonic Screwdriver

Each week, Fourth Verse has a knack for finding something particularly cool (in the geeky sense of the word) to email through to me.   Last Friday’s email contained a link that put me into action stations, leading to this post.

Before I say much else, you can go to this page yourself by clicking here.

Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen, she found an alcoholic beverage that takes your everyday beverage of the Screwdriver, and makes it sonic, just as the Doctor himself decided to do one day with a common household tool.   So I went on an ingredients hunt, and this was the result…

Though listed in the link above, here is the recipe once again for convenience;

1 1/2 parts vanilla vodka
1 1/2 parts Blue Curacao liqueur
6 parts clear lemon-lime soda


Lemonade is a fine soda or mixer drink to use, and works well, but I used some soda water with lime instead, and found it gave a slightly smoother beverage.   Both give an amazingly citrus alcoholic beverage that, whilst being blue like the business end of the tenth Doctor’s sonic, is a fine approximation of the classic Screwdriver beverage.

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