Crownies Episode 10

Air Date: 8th September 2011

Cast: Todd Lasance, Hamish Michael, Ella Scott Lynch, Andrea Demetriades, Indiana Evans, Marta Dusseldorp, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Jerome Ehlers, Jeanette Cronin

Synopsis: The violent nature of the Mervich case is proving difficult for Erin to handle, having her consider removing herself from the case.   Tatum is trying a case with Tony, deciding whether to prosecute a doctor for murder after giving a motor neurone disease sufferer an overdose of morphine.   Ben teaches Richard his in-court tricks of the trade.   Janet receives some disturbing news about her pregnancy.

Once again, I am forced to wonder whether a series has committed to too many episodes to cover a season-long story-arc.   The Mervich case has been in existence since day dot, and having Rhys then Erin on the case shortly followed.   Rhys’ interest in Erin has been a clearly observable matter, an issue that comes to a head with this episode.   Yet is this appropriate with a girl clearly not coping with the case at hand?

Erin flips out this episode, seeing blood everywhere, living the case to a degree that exceeds what could be considered healthy.   Yet even how this is portrayed is somewhat over-the-top.   The camera acts as from Erin’s own perceptions, so we see blood flowing from walls, on keyboards, etc.   Yet this filming technique I found more uncomfortable for being not very convincing rather than for a gore element.   As a viewer, I was taken out of the drama and reminded I am watching a TV show.   Perhaps the decision should have been made to let the acting and not the visuals tell this story.

Much better is Janet’s continued story of her pregnancy.   This episode examines the decisions that couples must face when they learn that the pregnancy may be more complicated than originally anticipated.   This is a story that lets the acting flourish.   Dusseldorp once again gives a powerful performance, portraying a convincing level of stress and grief, made perhaps more powerful given how good the character of Janet is at compartmentalising her emotions.

Lina, Ben, and Richard are the more sidelined characters this week.   Lina’s entire role this week is to remind the audience once again that Rhys is a married man, and his wife is quite sweet and undeserving of the fact her husband eye is wandering, or, by the end of this episode, perhaps doing even more.   Ben and Richard have the more comic story, with Ben playing the role of coach for recovering from a blow in court.   Each of Ben’s stalling tactics fail miserably, and in the end Richard saves the day.   This is a well-timed and performed sequence.

So yes, there is a lot good in this episode, yet tales of infidelity are so common on TV now I do not feel it is clever drama to rely on these stories anymore.   Worse yet, some shoddy effects really do some damage.   I can’t get past them!

3 stars out 5


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