Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Console: X-Box 360, PS3, Wii, DS

Developer: Tt Games, Lucasarts

Synopsis: Play through the entire Star Wars saga, from the Phantom menace to Return of the Jedi… in Lego!!   In addition to story mode, there are a lot of other playable side games, as well as extras to unlock by playing the levels again after the original run.   There is even a surprise guest character or two!!

Star Wars the Complete Saga is released on Blu-Ray today.   Unfortunately for me, I am not yet in a position to review it, as I am receiving it as a birthday gift, so I have to wait a further two weeks before catching this epic saga in high-definition.   I did however finish the Lego based computer game of the saga last night (including all achievements on my X-Box gamer profile), so to substitute, that is what I will review today.

The Lego video games have a great popularity, with previous Star Wars titles released, as well as versions of Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Batman (the last of which I have also played).   Being Lego, yes there is a juvenile element here.   This is definitely a game safe for all ages, with death being Lego pieces falling apart rather than blood and gore.   Yet this game is playable for all ages, and I must say, immensely enjoyable.   I have invested a few weeks in completing every challenge, so there is certainly evidence it is addictive.

Each film is divided into 6 chapters, and general gameplay is that you play one of two relevant characters to the scene in question, which you can swap between at any time to use their individual skills.   More characters can be introduced throughout the level though, giving you more options of which character;s skills you will require.   So, in addition to battle, there is also quite a bit of problem solving required to get to the next area.   Having played through these levels, you can play again in “Free Play”, where you can swap at will between a number of unlocked characters to solve further puzzles that were not accessible in the first round.

That is not all however.   There are a lot of bonus levels to unlock from previous Lego Star Wars incarnations, as well as two Lego city challenges where you need to find all studs present.   There is also challenge mode, where you try to complete the levels under a prescribed time limit and needing to collect certain items within that time frame.   Each bonus gives you the chance to unlock something new, whether that be characters, vehicles, or fun gameplay extras.

So the real wealth of this game is the large number of options for play beyond your normal complete the story game.   The animation is very cute, and in a way it does make you feel like a big kid again, playing with Lego in your back room though.   Being a video game however, it gives your Lego fun (slightly) more sophistication, enough to at least make you feel like you are not regressing.

Only complaint?   Some of the achievements require you to invest a lot of time to get them.   If you are addicted enough though, this would be a small price to pay.

4.5 stars out of 5


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga trailer [youtube=]

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