The Sonic Screwdriver 11

Recently, I road-tested the Sonic Screwdriver, a vodka and orange derivative drink that was blue in colour to represent the business end of the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ sonic screwdriver.   The Eleventh Doctor, however, has a green glow to his screwdriver, so I set about to try to adapt the recipe to suit.

An easy way to adapt the recipe would have been to replace Blue Curacao with Green Curacao, but who ever said I made things easy on myself.   Having no Green Curacao on hand, I replaces lemon-lime soda with Pine Crush, a bright yellow pineapple flavoured soft-drink.   I also replaced vanilla vodka for straight vodka.   That mix still turned out too blue, so next attempt, I decreased the amount of Blue Curacao, but maintained the orange flavour by replacing the remaining volume with Triple Sec.   A picture of the result is above.

Here is the final recipe, which has passed a taste test from both myself and Bride of Film Nerd;


1 part Triple Sec

½ part Blue Curacao

1 ½ parts vodka

6 parts pineapple soft-drink


There you go, my first attempt at creating my own cocktail, the Sonic Screwdriver 11.   Try it for your next Doctor Who party!!

One thought on “The Sonic Screwdriver 11

  1. You could always try midori, it’s guaranteed to result in green! Not sure how the trip,e sec would go, but give it a whirl!

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