Gametraders Parramatta First Birthday – 24th and 25th of September 2011

A few months back, I discovered Gametraders Blacktown when they celebrated their first birthday.   I since then had signed up for the central Gametraders homepage, and discovered through that last week that the Parramatta store was celebrating the same milestone this weekend.   With the promise of more discounted video games and pop culture merchandise, I could not pass up the opportunity to attend.

So yesterday I rocked up and started salivating over the merchandise.   I have taken images of a few choice goodies that grabbed my attention below.
















At midday yesterday we saw the attendance of cosplayers from the 501st legion, whom specialise in Star Wars cosplay.   This was very popular with passing customers, with many a photo opportunity taken.   I have included images below.





Today also saw the first birthday cosplay competition, with both staff and customers getting into the spirit of the event.   The results are to be decided out of business hours, with a $100 Gametraders voucher up for grabs for the best male and female entrants.   I of course entered, this time with my Batman costume.   We actually became a bit of a cosplay community today, so I got to know everyone to some degree in the competition.   They are all great people, and all equally deserving of the top place.   I do not envy the task of whomever has to decide the result.   Check us all out here!


















Parramatta’s store has greater space available than Blacktown, so there was more time needed to explore every element.   Both stores have a focus on different areas, with Blacktown having a larger Doctor Who and Anime section, whereas Parramatta has more weapons on display and a larger selection of retro games.   I must admit true nostalgia being ignited by seeing a Commodore 64!!    That said, both stores source their merchandise from the same suppliers, and I am well aware both are happy to order anything in that you ask for.   So in the end I find the stores equally excellent, and I intend in future to support both as best I can.    The simple fact is that few stores cater specifically to pop culture to this degree, and they need our support so that we are not waiting every year for Armageddon and Supanova for geeky purchase joy.   Thank you Gametraders for another fantastic event!

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