Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 2

Air Date: 29th September, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Emma, Gaia, Jacelle, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Adam, Bendeguz, Colin, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Theo, Helen

Synopsis:Week two, and we start to see the impact of our female geek and male beauty on the relationships within the mansion.   Though nothing specific is yet covered, it seems Troy’s inclusion may be bad news for Jimmy’s hopes with Mackenzie, though Lachlan seems to be making a good impression on Jordan.   Each couple also gets some more air time, with individual personalities becoming more distinguishable with time.

Last episode, male beauty Troy and female geek Helen were only introduced at the absolute end of the episode, so this week they remain an unknown entity.   However, it becomes very quickly obvious that they are both vert sweet people who will certainly have an impact on the house, particularly as the geeks immediately warm to Helen, particularly after she reveals a love for science fiction, and there is no secret that the girls find Troy attractive (hardly surprising, Bride of Film Nerd also was unable to hide her obvious appreciation!!).

As all introductions are covered, this episode dives straight into the challenges.

The Challenges

Compared to last week, I felt the challenge for the geeks was almost an absurd leap forward for guys that clearly have issues with self-confidence to begin with.   They were asked to approach total strangers of the opposite sex in Darling Harbour and try to pick them up, a process on which they were rated.   There were some very clear nerves on display as a result, not the least of which came from Jimmy and Helen.   Helen in particular had it hard, given how a forward girl may be perceived.   To his credit though, Troy wa s very active when it came to providing her with support.   I am frustrated though, as this is supposed to be a show about building confidence, and it did feel a bit like with this challenge the geeks were set up to crash and burn before they had really had much of a chance to learn much at all.   My cynical view of this challenge was also inflamed by the clear product placement for the upcoming Anna Faris rom-com, Whats Your Number?   Luckily though, some geeks did shine, with Lachlan doing quite well, and Julian winning the challenge (yay for molecular geneticists everywhere!!).

Then Beauty challenge however was a lot more fun to watch, and a much more reasonable test for this early stage of the test, with the beauties having to blindly reach into five containers and guess the animal contained inside by touch alone.   Some of the freaked out reactions were amusing to watch, as expected, though not at all unjustified, given some of the cage inhabitants.   It was clear though that Jacelle showed the greatest bravery and determination in the test.   She took her time feeling each animal, made a judgement call on each, and got all five right.   Though she got little attention last week, this determination convinced me that she is a beauty to watch, whom is embracing the opportunities presented to her in the house.

There was one surprise left before the elimination elements of the episode, a chance for one couple to gain immunity by a beauty grabbing a token out of a box of cockroaches without hands and feet.   Maddy, a member of one of my favourite couples so far (along with Gilbert) dived in like a trooper, and almost had it but was just beaten by Troy.   It was a very close call though.


After only limited time in the house so far, there can only be a small glimmer of romance at this early stage.   I was delighted last week that Jimmy and Mackenzie (my other favourite couple) were already getting close, a closeness that Jimmy’s confidence could really benefit from.   However, it seems Troy’s introduction may be the spanner in the works here.   In the end, there was never any commitment, and I fully understand one has no control over whom they fall for.   Jimmy and Mackenzie remain favourites with me, though I do fear that Jimmy may get really hurt in this process.   Interestingly, Jordan and Lachlan have gone outside of their allocated couples and started to get really close.   The blossoming relationship is really quite cute, and looks very promising.   I hope for the best for them both as the series progresses.

Nominated couples

Dolly and Bendeguz

The couple that was nominated, but survived.   And I could not be more annoyed.   Having been following posts on the Beauty and the Geek Facebook page, it was brought to my attention that Bendeguz is in fact an actor by trade, and his online presence does not indicate that he is a geeky guy at all.   Which means that he is the third actor to appear on the show in three series, following Corin from season one and Daniel from last year.   Knowing this fact, it becomes quite transparent that he is too over the top to be believed.   As such, I can no longer invest in him and want to see him gone.   I quite like Dolly from what I have seen, and she would be an unfortunate victim having been partnered with him, but when there are so many other genuine geeks whom really need help, I cannot stand for this type of publicity grabbing ploy.

Colin and Gaia

Yes, this is the couple that survived elimination last week, and this week they were not so lucky.   It seems Colin’s facade of confidence led to his nomination, however it is not clear how confident he really is.   Both Colin and Gaia were great in the house, and I did like them both, and find myself sorry to see them go, especially considering they were knocked out by a guy that does not belong in the mansion in the first place.

So, who will join me next week in the anti-Bendeguz camp??

3.5 stars out of 5


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3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 2

  1. Hi there. Have been following your reviews and am sad to read that you think that Bendeguz is a fake. He is a theatre actor, who is in a play with me currently. I can very much assure you that he is no fake. He’s currently regrowing his ‘stache and yes, he does wear and act like that in real life. In fact, he bowed to me when we met! I have lots of photos if you don’t believe me.

    It’s a shame Seven is too worried to say hes an actor, because then scandals like this pop up. He’s a good friend and I’m trying to go around the web to cull this rumor about Bendeguz, because I know he’s quite upset that people think he’s a fake. Bendeguz is a genuine gentleman who loves his theatre, comics and history and everyone who knows him loves him to death.

    • Hi Selly,

      Thank you for your contribution. If Bendeguz is not a fake, I could not be more delighted. I can see why Seven would be worried to acknowledge he is an actor, but it is in the end potentially doing more damage than good. Personally, I would have liked to have seen his acting background acknowledged, as the theatre does have some eccentric characters.

      In my future reviews, I will refrain from expressing doubt and give Bendeguz the benefit of the doubt. Thank you for helping to clarify the issue. I have no desire to slander anyone unfairly, my comments were more a result of my disappointment at the time rather than a desire to put Bendeguz in a poor light.

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