Crownies Episode 13

Air Date: 29th September 2011

Cast: Todd Lasance, Hamish Michael, Ella Scott Lynch, Andrea Demetriades, Indiana Evans, Marta Dusseldorp, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Jerome Ehlers, Jeanette Cronin

Synopsis: A large focus of this week is on the Quinn case, the same that has our five solicitors under investigation for the leaked memo.   David is proceeding with prosecution, with Rhys in charge, and Ben elected as advising solicitor.   He meets with both victims of the alleged rape.   Meanwhile, Richard is forced to prosecute a personal hero, Tatum finds her most recent case to be a little close to home, and Erin discovers Lina has been hiding her romance with Andy for nine months, putting a strain on their friendship.

I was delighted that this week we were presented with a very strong episode for the series.   Every major player got some level of focus of attention, and as a result there was some great drama on many different levels.   Even often sidelined or one note characters like Tracey and Tony each get some moments to shine in this episode.   Despite the content not being some of the most hard-hitting in the series to date, the episode is perhaps the strongest that has aired yet.

The primary focus is Ben’s interviews with the women accusing the former NSW Attorney General Quinn of rape.   In this process he appears quite insensitive to their cases, very much in character for Ben, but as time progresses, his intentions from a legal stand-point are crystal clear.   He is not getting involved with the case, he is primarily focussed on making sure they have an answerable case to make in court.   Interestingly, the most important development in this case was as a result of Tracey’s constant meddling.   Perhaps this was the intent on having her character so nosey all along.   Despite how annoying she is, she does perform her duty as required, and it is one of her most admirable moments yet.

Richard’s case was one that I got really involved in.    It was certainly topical, confronting the issue of the climate change debate.   Richard has to prosecute one of his heroes, climate change specialist Tim Coghburn for punching a climate change skeptic that is always in his face.   To make matters worse, Coghburn’s defence lawyer is one of Richard’s favourite mentors.   Despite all this he finally gets to perform admirably in court, and being a long-term Richard supporter my first was in the air as a result.

Lina and Erin get less screen time, but the fracturing of their relationship as a result of secrets kept is definitely convincing and provides some non-legal drama to keep interest.   Tatum’s case also occupies less screen time, but given she is prosecuting a girl guilty by association to her family, she is willing to give this girl the benefit of the doubt given her own family crime connections.   It is this moment that really gives Tony another brief chance to shine, reminding her of her duty and basically giving her hell to get her head out of the sand.

So all very powerful storylines, despite none having the impact of rape with a shotgun or a malicious young boy killing his brother.   The drama was still enthralling, the characters were developed nicely, and the pacing was very even.   This is by far my favourite episode to date, as all the pieces just fit together perfectly.

5 stars out of 5

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