Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 3

Air Date: 6th October, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Emma, Jacelle, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Adam, Bendeguz, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Theo, Helen

Synopsis: This is the week that romance has started to blossom, and in each case it is outside the allocated couples.   The first challenge was a combined challenge, testing how well each couple knew their partners heroes… with a bit of paintball chucked in for fun.   Then the geeks had a roller derby challenge, against a professional Western Sydney female team.

Things are really starting to get interesting this week.   Two romances have clearly begun, one that will have fans delighted, and another that is sure to have fans divided.   The former is that of Jordan and Lachlan, hinted at last week and developed this week.   Both beauty and geek in this case are extremely likeable, and the development of their relationship can only be described as cute.   All credit to Jordan for appreciating exactly why Lachlan is uncomfortable, and hence making Troy’s (absurd) dating advice completely obsolete.   I am keen to see how this develops, and regret the moment that the competition will separate them, given they are on different teams.   I also like though that the relationship is open, and their team members have no reason to be uncomfortable.

The opposite can be said for Troy and Mackenzie.   I am trying to be unbiased in this process, as I feel my opinion of Bendeguz last week was unfairly biased given media perception, and I thank his friend Selly for clarifying the type of person he is to me.   I found myself being a Bendeguz supporter again this week.   However, as a viewer I feel a sense of betrayal from Mackenzie towards Jimmy.   Yes, it may be a result of editing, but in watching her discuss the issue with Jimmy, she seemed cold and not aware of how her actions were affecting her team-mate.   Troy similarly seems completely blind to consequences, though I will get into that a bit more with discussing the challenges.

The challenges

The first challenge was fun more than anything else.   It was fun watching the preparation, and I was once again impressed with Jacelle’s knowledge.   She has not yet been a nomination target, but she is a very strong competitor as well as being very likeable.   When the challenge proper occurred though, Helen was the true champion, though really, the celebs she had to identify were pretty easy.

The roller derby challenge had a clear amusement element, but given the level of professionalism of the geeks opponents, I did fear for them.   It was a last geek standing goal until the final two were left standing, at which stage their goal was to defend their beauties.   Gilbert was defending Maddy, and Bendeguz was defending Dolly.   Both geeks were troopers, but Bendeguz took a real beating to defend Dolly, and it was really quite admirable.   It was the type of action in character with the man he has always claimed to be, a gentleman ready to gallantly defend a lady’s honour.

Here is where things got really interesting… nomination time.

Nominated couples

Jimmy and Mackenzie

The Troy Mackenzie relationship also affected Bendeguz and Dolly’s nomination choice.   Dolly correctly nominated Mackenzie given that she is acting in a way opposite to the goals of the competition.   Unfortunately, Jimmy is the innocent bystander dragged along by this.   Perhaps though it may be just the warning Mackenzie needs to consider the consequences of her actions, as given how the episode was edited, she does appear to be acting very much like a young teenager with a crush.

Adam and Emma

The audience was shown disagreement between Troy and Helen.   Helen was opting for logic and playing the game.   Troy was playing for popularity, and made himself out to be a real twit in the process.   For a guy that started well last week, this week he seems the typical jock, especially when you pair this incident with his wooing techniques.   He is truly now introducing a divisive element in the house.   Perhaps this is good for drama, perhaps this was the goal in introducing a male beauty.   Yet this type of process has victims, the primary one being personal favourite geek Jimmy.   In the end, against Helen’s judgement, they nominated Adam and Emma.

Unfortunately, Adam and Emma did lose the challenge, though Adam managed to pick the two hard questions in the elimination round.   Bride of Film Nerd was very much convinced this had to be rigged, though I was willing to give chance the benefit of the doubt.   Given that Emma’s deciding question was extremely easy, it could have been a much closer competition.   I am sorry to see them go, as they both were great challengers, and it will be sad to see one of the few brunettes disappear.   I am glad to see Jimmy stay though, as I feel he really needs more time in the mansion.   I just hope Mackenzie does not hurt him further, though rumours Troy and Mackenzie are now engaged do not bode well for my favourite geek.

Okay, so I had a vent this episode, but a lot happened, and the show remains incredibly watchable.  We have villains, we have heroes, and with the promise of another beauty/geek romance last week, I will remain an avid watcher.

4 stars out of 5


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