Modern Family Season 2 – A Review by Film Nerd

Created by: Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd

Cast: Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rico Rodriguez, Sarah Hyland, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, Reid Ewing

Synopsis:The ongoing stories of the Pritchetts and the Dunphys provide another season of comedy gold.   Little has been done to change the formula, each branch of the family having some absurd but relatable event each week that overall examines what is common between families rather than what is different.   Though each episode is rarely related to the next, the season ends with a delightful reminder of some of the golden moments previously to occur in this season.

With a season of television already in the bag, now comes the second season, which is perhaps a true test of the longevity of a series.   The question is always there… will it maintain the quality of the very tightly scripted first season and build on the characters and events that have been established (The Big Bang Theory did so successfully), or will it be so desperate to remain hip and cool that it jumps the shark at such an early stage (Heroes, anyone?)?

Thankfully, Modern family succeeded, with many episodes that not only match, but that exceed the quality of season one.   It is no surprise that this series remains a favourite with the Emmys.   Ty Burrell and Sofia Vergara both won gongs this year, and this season exemplifies the reasons why.   Though the awards could just as easily have been won by any one of their fellow cast, regardless of age.

Some of the absolute gems in this collection of 24 episodes include Claire’s control-freak attempts to create the perfect haunted house for Halloween trick-or-treaters, conflict between Cam and Mitchell over Lily’s surname, learning that Luke’s absurd behaviour is more due to him being a gifted child, whom Claire feels will grow up to be like Phil, and Gloria telling another couple Jay is losing his mind after he is rude to them.   Put so simply, perhaps not sounding like the recipe for comedy gold, but each one of these events builds to a hilarious conclusion.   Perhaps my favourite episodes though are when Cam and Mitchell befriend a hot squatter in their building, the squatter delightfully played by James Marsden, and the episode where Haley, Alex, and Luke walk in on Phil and Claire having sex.   Those were both episodes that resulted in tears, the laughter was so hard.

There are few comedies as consistently good as this one on television at the moment.   I would even go so far as to say that the worst episodes of this show are superior to the best provided by some of the tripe available these days.   This is an absolutely must own set on DVD.

5 stars out of 5


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