inFAMOUS – A Review by Film Nerd

Consoles: PS3

Developer: Sony, Sucker Punch

Synopsis: You play as Cole, a simple courier whom has a package to deliver that turns out to be a bomb called the Ray Sphere.   It kills thousands of people, but Cole is still alive, imbued with special electricity related powers.   Enlisted by the mysterious Moya to get to the bottom of the mystery, Cole sets out to track down Kessler, the guy that had him deliver the package in the first place.   Along the way, Cole faces a number of moral dilemmas, and must decide whether two follow a selfish or a selfless path along the game, each choice opening up new abilities along the way.

The sequel for this game is already out, so I realise I am definitely behind the times with this review.  I only just played it myself, however, having received the game for free as a part of the Playstation Network Welcome Back package, so thought it was worth getting my thoughts down on this title while they are fresh.

I found this to be a very addictive game.   The story is interesting, with a number of various twists along the way.   It does not take a lot of effort to learn how to use a number of fascinating powers, and new powers are gradually introduced throughout that expand the scope of playability.   A number of side missions also increase the good times to be had in this game, each allowing you to clear a “district” of enemies, making it easier to rush from one part of the city to the next for your next encounter.

There are even side missions specific to how you have played up until that point.   The karma moments that have you decide whether to take the selfish option or not sway your karmic meter, and if you have played for evil, you can play the evil side missions.   As such, it is actually worth playing the game through twice to give yourself the option of playing all of these missions eventually.   I myself am on my second run-through now, not only increasing to the hard difficulty, but also playing for these evil missions.   I opted for evil gameplay on hard, from the simple fact that the consequences for evil choices are much easier to deal with than the consequences of your good actions.

And then if you still have not had enough, you can search the entire city for all of the “blast shards”.   There are apparently 350 of them, and they allow you to build new battery cores to increase your overall charge, so they are very valuable to collect throughout gameplay.   You can finish finding them all in freeplay at the games conclusion, but that would be pretty boring I think, something you would only want to do for the sake of a trophy.

In the end, this is a very fun, very addictive game, with many options available to provide extra hours of gameplay.   I highly recommend this game, and am now very keen to try out the sequel, as I feel a sequel was certainly well deserved.

4.5 stars out of 5


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