Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 4

Air Date: 13th October, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Jacelle, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Bendeguz, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Theo, Helen

Synopsis: More romance blossomed this week, with the Jordan/Lachlan and Troy/Mackenzie pairings continuing strongly.   There were also hints today of something happening between Dolly and Gilbert.   There was a science challenge for the beauties, and a cheerleading challenge for the geeks, both resulting in loads of hilarity to anyone observing.

Once again, romance was prominent early.   It is refreshing that Jordan and Lachlan remain strong and that the passing of a week has not changed the nature of their burgeoning relationship.   In addition, early on this week it is revealed that Gilbert has some feelings developing for Dolly.   Fans of Geek/Beauty pairings can once again rejoice, as Dolly is more than willing to explore what could be there.   Though her response was not explosive, it was certainly reasonable.   In many ways, it is more realistic, given there is an attraction, and they will just let things develop as they will, or so is my impression.

Of course, last week I had very strong feelings on the relationship between Mackenzie and Troy.   A lot of this had to do with my fondness for Jimmy, and having no desire to see him get hurt.   It was made more clear this week that the interest between them went beyond a thoughtless fling, and it does seem more natural.   I am by no means saying I approve of it, but the portrayal of the romance is certainly more balanced now.

The Challenges

This weeks, the girls were tested on their knowledge of science in front of a group of year seven students.   Yes, the results were as amusing as that set-up promises.   Troy proved to be an absolute himbo once again, asking the students about their dating lives when he had absolutely nothing to share on physics.   Following this with his definition of time beginning (some bollocks about Jerusalem), he really does not impress.   Mackenzie’s grasp of biology however, was even more worrying.   It was another example of a response so absurd it beggars belief.   In the end though, Jordan was victorious.   Her mishap having a model volcano explode all over her aside, she did explain concepts in vulcanology quite well, and was a very animated and enthusiastic teacher.   She was very deserving of her win.

The geek challenge was a cheerleading challenge, one very close to the lovely Maddy’s heart.   Unfortunately, she did not have the best clay to mould in Gilbert, but they did a recent job in the first round.   For me, the other impressive couple was Bendeguz and Dolly.   Though a little bit stilted, Bendeguz had some good movement, perhaps a byproduct of his theatre experience.   The couple that was truly painful to watch was Troy and Helen.   Troy was meant to be the mentor in this challenge, but it was clear he had no idea.   This guy is just seriously getting on my nerves now, if I had not already made that blatantly obvious.

The couples to make it through to the final challenge were Maddy and Gilbert, naturally, and Lachlan and Sarah, whose selection had initially surprised me.   Both couples validated having good reason to be in the final showdown, and performed very well.   However, Lachlan and Sarah took it out, and I would say personality contributed a lot to this.   Lachlan clearly had fun, a fun that Gilbert did not seem to share.   They were indeed the clear winners.

The nominated couples

Dolly and Bendeguz

Last time these two were nominated, I was bitterly disappointed they did not leave.   Now I was bitterly disappointed they were nominated in the first place.   This is especially as we got a glimpse of Jordan and Julian’s decision-making process, and Julian wanted Troy and Helen gone, a result I would have supported given my opinion of Troy.   That said, they are a strong couple, and as such, from a competition point of view, they were a threat to their fellow mansion inmates.

Theo and Jacelle

This is one of the other very strong couples, but a couple I am also very fond of and do not want to see go.   They were nominated by Sarah and Lachlan, against Lachlan’s preference.   This was clear, as Lachlan burst into tears after announcing their decision.   Theo, ever the gentleman, comforted him, and Jacelle took it with grace.   In the end, they were the unlucky couple, meaning that the close relationship evolving between Theo and fellow mathematician Helen is at an end.   Dolly and Gilbert, conversely, still have a chance to grow however.   I am sorry to see this couple leave, but they have grown strong in four short weeks, and perhaps no longer need the show so much now as some others do.

3.5 stars out of 5


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