Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 5

Air Date: 20th October, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Bendeguz, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Helen

Synopsis: The part of the season that makes watching Beauty and the Geek what it is… the Makeovers.   This episode also came with a further twist however, with some geeks given an opportunity to swap out a beauty for their own female geek.   Given recent tensions in the mansion, it is a well-timed element that fans of the show should be delighted with… as long as the outcome is the right one!!

The Challenges

With little preamble, tonight jumped straight into the challenges, promising of course that much could (and would) come later on.   The first challenge was a joint challenge slanted towards the geeks.   It was a photo challenge similar to last year, getting the guys to drop their kit and pose for very artistic style pics, with the winners to feature on the cover of magazine Famous.   Sarah in the process once agin impressed, given that she faced a major fear and allowed herself to be draped in a snake.   Of course though, this challenge is more about laughing with the geeks than anything else, and that came through in spades.   The only disappointment being the “disconnect” between Gilbert and Maddy, but unfortunately if it is not there, it is not there.  But more on that later.

The top two spots went to Helen and Troy and Sarah and Lachlan, with Sarah’s facing her fears really proving worth it in them being the final winners, and as such, the immune couple to do the nominating.   The other bonus for Helen and Lachlan was that they also won makeovers, as mentioned above.   It does feel like a bit of a cheat that we only get two makeovers tonight, yet with the promise of seeing the rest of the geeks get makeovers next week, it is certainly forgivable.

The geek challenge was the classic case of seeing the geek on a date, but this time with a very interesting twist.   The geeks got to date fellow geeks, that actually seemed hand-picked to match the personalities of the contestants.   This of course had an upside and a down-side.   Jordan was left feeling very uncertain, giving further evidence that her feelings are indeed genuine.  It is finally nice to see Jimmy get a reciprocated interest.   Of course, the true twist came when the geeks were given the chance to swap their beauty for their date, but for my opinions on that skip to my section on this episode’s tensions.

The Makeovers

There has been in every series a makeover that I did not see the big deal about.   This week for me, it was Lachlan’s.   The spray tan works for him, as do the more sculpted eyebrows, but the haircut for me just did not work.   I think that Bride of Film Nerd pegged it when she claimed that the look was too ’90s.   Helen however, looked bloody amazing!!   New hair, new make-up… there was no doubt in the accuracy of the comment that there were as a result six female beauties in the house at the time of the makeover

Tensions in the house

A confrontation did result between Maddy and Gilbert over their lack of connection in the photo challenge.   It is disappointing, yet despite how much I like Gilbert, I was firmly on Maddy’s side in this case.   She was wary of the challenge, given their interpersonal problems, yet she still did a good job on the photo, whereas Gilbert was completely blank.   It forces one to conclude that in this couple it is actually the beauty putting in the greatest effort as opposed to the geek.   Maddy once again acted honourably when Gilbert was given the option to swap her out, telling him to do the best for himself.   Partially as a result of this, I think, Gilbert made the biggest overture of reconciliation in remaining with Maddy when given the choice to swap her.

Troy and Mackenzie, quite sickeningly, confirmed their status as being a couple.   I say sickeningly as the process seemed very teenage, and far from two adults exploring their feelings.   So for me,Jimmy getting the opportunity to swap her put was very exciting.   The resulting confrontation, which in Maddy’s case earnt my respect, in Mackenzie’s case had me further detest her.   She was trying to justify why she should stay, with a lot of arguments that seemed shallow and blatantly untrue.   Jimmy was the last one given the choice to swap beauties, with no geeks making that choice before him.   In the end, he did not have the confidence to do it, and as an audience member, that is quite depressing.   In addition, Mackenzie indicated she was mad with him for even considering it, basically showing she has not learnt a damned thing from this experience.

There were no nominations tonight, so despite the fun of the makeovers, the episode ended on Jimmy being the only geek to make the wrong choice.   Lets hope in future weeks Mackenzie actually does something to build Jimmy’s confidence rather than tear it apart, which has been her habit of late.

3.5 stars out of 5


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3 thoughts on “Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 5

  1. I agree with your whole review pretty much. Pretty hypocritical of Mackenzie to whinge about being swapped, that’s nearly exactly what she did to Jimmy with Troy, really. I think Lachlan’s haircut will be heaps better once its grown a bit, its kind of too short.

  2. Mackenzie only wanted to stay so she could get it on with Troy. She sounded like a twelve year old:

    “I can’t believe we’re BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND!”

    What the hell? I was watching this with my family in the living room, and through the whole conversation we were just going ‘Dump her. Dump her. Dude, dump that chick. Dump her now. Dump her.’

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