The Big Bang Theory: Season 1 – A Review by Film Nerd

Created by: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady

Cast: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar

Synopsis: A comedy series that primarily follows the adventures and mishaps of two room-mate physicists, the attractive young lady that moves into the apartment across the hall from them, and their friends at the university which they work at.   It embraces the concept of geek chic, and though an obvious exaggeration of reality, in many ways it is not that far from the truth.

In my recent review of Modern Family Season 2, I made the claim that the series in question was the most consistently funny on television today, an achievement only really matched by the success of The Big Bang Theory.   This thought, and the subsequent release of the fourth Big Bang series on DVD, convinced to go back and watch this marvellous show from the very beginning.

It is quite interesting going back and seeing how far some characters have evolved, whilst some have not changed much at all.   The character to change the most is perhaps the most popular, Sheldon Cooper.   Many who watch the show know it is quite established that social interaction in all forms baffle him.   So to go back and see him giving sexual life jibes to room-mate Leonard now feel like it is out of character.   Raj has also grown since these early days, starting as a one joke character that has subsequently had some great story lines.   It is Leonard and Howard, however, that have remained consistent throughout.

In these early days, Leonard’s pining for Penny was constant, but by no means overbearing or abrasive.   Penny, though not one of the geeks, is what I would consider the glue of the series.   She may have her own eccentricities, however she is the most normal character of the leading cast.   She also has a big heart, more of a Jordan than a Mackenzie, if you will, to draw comparison with the current season of Beauty and the Geek, Australia.

The great thing about a show focussed on geeks is that there is a wealth of material, in scientific discussion and pop culture referencing, to always have fresh plots available for each episode.   Having spent many years in the realm of scientific research myself, the communication between these friends, and their personality types, are all quite authentically portrayed.   I can see a bit of myself in all four geeks, with many debates among my family and friends spent trying to determine if I am more of a Leonard or a Sheldon myself.   My personal opinion on that matter is that I am Leonard with strong overtones of Sheldon!!

I have seen all the episodes in the first season about four times each now, and yet they still manage to successfully entertain.   This is comedy for today, long may geeks rule!!

5 stars out of 5


The Big Bang Theory Season 1 on IMDB

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