Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 6

Air Date: 27th October, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Bendeguz, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Helen

Synopsis:   In a special 90 minute episode event, we finally see the rest of the geeks get their own chances for makeovers.   Though exciting though, this is far from the only interesting element of note this week.   We have the surprise departure of a beauty, romances being strengthened, and a challenge that really raises the stakes, perhaps too highly for some.

The First Challenge

Tonight jumped once again straight into the challenges, indicating that drama was going to be really be a focus in the latter half of the episode.   The beauties were tasked with creating their own superhero alter ego, which the geeks were then tasked with making the costume for.

Of course, there were horrendous costumes, and one or two surprisingly good ones.   Jordan and Dolly were both appallingly attired, bu to their credit, they took to their characters with gusto.   Gilbert’s effort was another horrendous one, though Maddy did not seem to be able to take to it with the same enthusiasm, not that I can blame her, but Jordan and Dolly had already shown how it should be done.   Jimmy’s design for Mackenzie was actually not too bad, and I feel Mackenzie was a little to critical over the positioning of the eyes that she asked for to represent her killer stare.   Sarah indicates she was embarrassed with her luscious leopard lady, but when on show it was not obvious.   I found it to be a very convincing costume, and I feel any comic book reader will agree.   Troy was Tan Man, in an admittedly well designed costume, but a very lacklustre idea.   Jordan and Julian were surprisingly the winners, and I feel it was Jordan’s concept for Naughty Jordy Bang Bang rather than the design,yet I still feel it should have been a Lachlan/Sarah win.

The Makeovers

Finally, the chance for the other geeks to get their makeover opportunities.   Leading up to them, covering the geeks hang ups in the process.   There was a great focus though on Bendeguz, clearly, and getting rid of the moustache.   Also, each of the geeks and their abundance of hair were of great focus, with Jimmy even having a 40-year-old virgin moment with a chest wax, which was painful to watch!!

First up was Julian, in a skater boy fashion.   It is a look I have never thought was appealing, yet that was a point on which my Bride disagrees, thinking he looks quite cute.   Next was Bendeguz in the biker look.   I did not get it at first, but it worked in sense of personality.   In the end, it is quite a good look.   Jimmy was the real surprise for me though, he looks like a different person, and quite amazing.   Indeed, my Bride  screamed “Suck on that, Mackenzie” upon the reveal.   Even better, it has seemed to have incredibly boosted his confidence, a moment long overdue and well deserved for him.   Gilbert was last, and after a big build up (over a commercial to boot), he was proven tob e naturally good-looking with quite an amazing build.   I don’t think the look itself was quite what I would have chosen, but it was good to see him put himself out there.

Interpersonal relationships in the mansion

The situation between Dolly and Gilbert was finally explored again.   The feelings between them were confirmed as mutual in conversations with other housemates.   What was really nice was to see Gilbert confiding in Maddy, and Maddy’s response to really support him in the endeavour.   I am glad the tensions of last week did not have any lasting effects.   Gilbert got his chance with Dolly after the makeover, and impressed me by taking the initiative and going in for the first kiss, which Dolly returned.   It was not obscene, not over the top, just cute and natural, with an agreement to go slow.   They seem well suited, and I hope the best for them.

Just before this moment though, a bombshell was dropped.   Maddy decided to leave the house as a result of health issues.   She showed incredible courage in helping Gilbert to the makeovers, and quite maturely had opted to go to give Gilbert the best chance to progress in the game, unable to give 100% herself.   I have made no secret of the fact I have been a Maddy fan all this series so it is sad to see her go, but in doing so she shows that she also got what all the beauties in the house entered the competition to do.   She has grown from her time in the house, and truly embraced the chance to make friends with a group not otherwise in her usual circle.

This left the door open for a replacement beauty.   Sad as it is to see Maddy depart, it was a delight to see Jacelle, the last eliminated beauty prior to tonight, return to take her place.   She has formed a brilliant team with Theo, she was a very strong competitor up to that point, and will be a great partner for Gilbert.

The Second Challenge

The made over geeks had to form a dance troop that also had a full monty element.   The challenge preamble had a huge focus on Helen, whom was understandably uncomfortable about this challenge.   It was in this planned challenge that having a female geek this series was a complete mistake, as this is the second challenge that is completely unfair for her, after her first challenge having to approach and pick up guys.   Stripping and picking up for guys can be uncomfortable, but it does not have the same social stigma as it does for females.   I do not comment whether this is right or wrong, but this fact does exist and Helen was well within her rights to be upset with this.   So when she was the only one to not remove her gear she really cannot be blamed.

All the guy geeks did really well, with some good and some bad dancing.   They all went full monty except for a modesty covering.   Gilbert, with his quite impressive body, was a real winner with the audience.   Quite unsurprisingly, Gilbert won the challenge for himself and new partner Jacelle.

Interestingly, we got a coda to this challenge that was also worthy of note, as is so much of tonight’s episode looking at how much I have already written.   Jimmy was sensitive to Helen’s continuing discomfort after the events of the challenge, and proceeded to comfort her.   Now, this may have been an editing element, but it appeared a very intimate approach on Jimmy’s part.   They could just appreciate each other in a best friend style relationship, though my own knowledge of geek romantic behaviour does lead to the suspicion Jimmy may want more…

The Nominated Couples

Mackenzie and Jimmy

Gilbert forged forward with this nomination, accurately citing Mackenzie’s lack of commitment whilst complimenting Jimmy on how far he has come.  As readers of this blog would well be aware, I would far from be one to disagree with this.  It is quite interesting though, that both beauty and geek here were put in a challenge against their closest people in the house at this stage…

Helen and Troy

Nominated by Jordan and Julian for the fact that Helen was unable to embrace the challenge, I feel this was an unfortunate nomination, but one must also consider with everyone being so close, any excuse for a nomination must be grasped at.    As referred to above, this led to a Mackenzie/Troy and a Jimmy/Helen face-off.   It was a tight run competition this week, yet Jimmy and Mackenzie were the eventual winners.   I cannot help but feel that as a result of an unfair challenge, Helen has just been kicked to the curb…


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4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 6

  1. I totally agree, it was a challenge which had Helen on the back foot! It is a bit disappointing that Troy did not have any knowledge or suggestions on how she could tackle it, though he was supportive in the ‘do your best, you’re not letting me down’ kind of way. It could have been a great and empowering experience for Helen – if I’d been her beauty, I’d have tried to bring some cheeky and playful elements and make it less about taking off your clothes (as the ‘studs afloat’ style dictates) and more about being playful and teasing – a-la-burlesque (but I am a bit biased in that field).

    Tonight’s face of did remind me of the fundamental thing that frustrates me about this show – people can be eliminated based on 4, sometimes non-relevant questions with a huge variation in degree of difficulty. Some questions event the other half of the partnership don’t know – it just seems an unfair way to make that sort of decision.

    But in short, I really enjoyed the makeovers.

  2. You didn’t like “Tan Man”? I thought that was great. It’s a shame that Helen and Troy left, she still needs some confidence and he’s a genuine nice guy and good for a laugh.

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