Great Treasures at Gametraders – 2nd November 2011

Welcome back for another week of pop culture goodies, now available to buy at Gametraders Blacktown!!

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Technically, this is not new in store today, but I am jumping the gun a bit to promote this release for tomorrow.   Stock arrived today for the big release of this, the third instalment in what is a tent pole franchise for PS3.   As far as gaming goes, this series outdoes the quality and performance of any Indiana Jones game, a franchise with which Drake seemed to share more than just a few strands of DNA with.

Spiderman: Edge of Time

The latest in a long line of Spiderman titles, this one has you playing as both Classic Spiderman and the 2099 variant to save both.   As such it has parallels with the earlier popular title which also allowed gamers to play as both a noir version of Spidey and Spidey in the costume later to become Venom’s.   That was an awesome game, so one can have hopes that the gameplay and story of this one can live up to its predecessor.

Framed and mounted posters

These beautiful posters, and more, arrived yesterday and look absolutely fantastic in the store, so just imagine them hanging on your living room wall!!   There are a number of posters mounted on backing board that will make a lovely display, and for those that want to go further upmarket, there are some exquisitely framed posters.   I am particularly keen on the framed Star Wars images, with my absolute favourite being a toss-up between the Millennium Falcon, and the wide landscape portrait of Luke vs Darth Vader.

Plush toys of assorted size

These actually arrived last week, but I neglected to get any good images of this before my last Gametraders post.   There were numerous plush toys delivered, with a number of smaller sized plush of comic book and movie characters, which have a cute factor up to 11, and the already numerous Mario themed plushies were joined by the Bob-omb pictured above (yes, that is not in store, I snagged that particular specimen for myself!!).

So come on, look at all the pop culture merchandise available, and this is just the new stuff.   Come on down and see what other buried treasures you can find.   I do mean buried, the store is bursting with stock for anyone seeking true Nerdvana!!

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