Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 7

Air Date: 3rd November, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Dolly, Jordan, Mackenzie, Maddy, Sarah

Geeks: Bendeguz, Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan

Synopsis:  With the makeovers now complete, it is back to business as normal for the majority of the episode, with challenges to be won and lost and lessons to be learned.   That is until of course the creative team provided yet another senseless twist clearly designed to create tension and ratings as opposed to actually facilitating the growth of both beauties and geeks.   As many an Australian would understand in my sentiments… “Not Happy, Jan!”

For the first time in a few weeks, we did get a bit of a prelude to the episode with Julian getting flirting advice from a bevy of beauties.   I must say, their advice was a lot better than Troy’s attempt from a few weeks ago, but I think after this show, there will be enough people with interest in Julian as he is to make the advice somewhat obsolete.

The Challenges

When the challenges did finally begin, I could not help but feel the level of sadism from the competition organisers is rising exponentially.   The beauties were tested on their English skills, most specifically their abilities to spell,   However, a wrong answer in this case would result in their respective geeks getting an electric shock.   Most of the beauties failed miserably, and lost in the very first round.   Mackenzie and Sarah were the only two left standing for the second round, with Mackenzie the eventual winner.   I feel the challenge was a little set up though.   Mackenzie’s two words were perhaps the easiest of all the words put on offer for the beauties.   Perhaps the fact the tension she has caused in the house has caused so much debate and discussion online was enough to give the challenge writers cause to let her breeze through this week…

The next challenge, funnily enough felt like the beauties has two challenges with the geeks put in the position of putting their bodies in mortal danger.   The beauties had to assemble bicycles with sidecars for the geeks to ride in the race… with genuine bikers in the sidecars, so we are not discussing feather weights here.   Jordan finished her bike first, giving Julian poll position in the race, which means he got the lightest biker!

It was as amusing as one could believe.   Bendeguz was doing extraordinarily well, however the construction of his transport was not good enough… the bike fell apart, and everyone passed him, except for Julian whose co-ordination took him right up the centre of Bendy’s rear end.   The other challenge element was the pit stop, which held up some beauties.   This process gave Gilbert a win, and of course I could not be happier for the bloke.

Relationships in the mansion

Between the challenges, we had a very cute moment between Lachlan and Jordan, with the latter surprising the former with a special dinner for two, just doing yet more to confirm the strength of their growing relationship… or so at least it seemed at the time.

Meanwhile, Gilly and Dolly remains a relationship to be excited about.   They are very natural, very realistic, and are letting friendship above all remain key to how they interact.   To me, this indicates that outside the fishbowl environment of the mansion, they have the right building blocks to survive in the real world.

This week’s stupid twist

A third immunity went on offer, to the geek that would get a tattoo of his beauty’s name.   I fail to see how forced bodily mutilation is grounds for getting further in the game if for no other reason that it will cause tension.   We are talking about a comp where all the relationships have formed outside of the allocated couples, so of course they wanted to harm a relationship.   Lachlan was stupid enough to step up and take it, which also did not ring true to his character, which has me think that just maybe there was some behind the scenes bullshit to set this up… maybe why Lachlan set up the dinner as an early apology??

This caused tension given that only two couples were left to go to elimination… Dolly and Bendy and, of course, Jordan and Julian.   Jordan was understandably upset, and as an audience member I was genuinely upset for her.   I feel this flies in the face of what the geeks are meant to represent.   This very fact Jimmy pointed out succinctly the potential repercussions of this, if not quite as passionately as I did, does indicate that at least there are still some geeks there that are the type I can respect.   Worst of all, he does not even seem to comprehend what he did wrong, which makes him a jerk rather than a gentleman.   Lachlan may have survived this week, but he has lost my support for the next.

The elimination

Clearly, I dropped the title “Nominated Couples” this weeks as there was no nomination.   The show off was between, as stated above, Jordan and Julian against Bendy and Dolly.   Sadly, this means that we will not see anything more between Dolly and Gilly, which for me remained my favourite part of this season.   It also means that we get to languish in whatever tension will be present between Lachlan and Jordan.

I have come to far to stop watching now, but I will be a lot happier if the producers would quit messing with the formula in the spirit of keeping the concept fresh.   The simple fact is, the geeks and beauties introduced each season should be enough to keep it fresh alone.   I can say with certainty that there are genres of geek that have hardly been touched by the show yet!!

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  1. How did he not understand that getting a tattoo of another girl’s name on your arse may irritate your current girlfriend? That was… wow.

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