Crownies Episode 18

Air Date: 3rd November 2011

Cast: Todd Lasance, Hamish Michael, Ella Scott Lynch, Andrea Demetriades, Indiana Evans, Marta Dusseldorp, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Jerome Ehlers, Jeanette Cronin, Peter Kowitz, Sacha Horler

Synopsis:The Max Gardiner case heads to trial, taking a huge emotional toll on Janet in the process.   Regardless, she proceeds admirably, that is until the case reaches a major, unexpected road block.   Lina learns what it truly means to be dating a police officer.   Erin’s life continues to tumble out of control as her alcohol dependency begins to affect her work and her professional relationships.

After an episode last week that took the foot off of the accelerator a bit, this week it was back to full throttle.   With many intensely dramatic moments, as well as seeing Erin in an unravelling state put the series once again as a strong contender for the best Australian dramatic series showing at the moment.

For the first time in a long while, the episode had a prominent focus on a single court case, that of Max Gardiner and the death of his younger brother at his hands.   The subject matter is already intense, the wavering support of the boys’ own mother (the wonderful Sacha Horler), and Janet’s own personal misgivings about the case all conglomerate in a heady mix that results in quite intense drama.   Lina is not safe either, given that the officer that brought the case to the crown disappears over an internal matter concerning a police shooting.   This, combined with Lina receiving no communication from Andy, escalate her fears to the point where she is no longer able to assist Janet in the case.   If this were not bad enough, the results of the prosecution case lead to what can only be called a quite unexpected ending to the proceedings.

Meanwhile, Erin is really going off the rails, particularly after Jimmy’s revelation that she leaked the Quinn file last week and Ben’s relationship with Julie serving to remove her one remaining lifeline, however thin it was.   She proceeds to embarrass herself in front of her staunchest support her, when she drunkenly reveals too much at dinner with Janet and her partner Ash.   Part of me feels Janet was too lenient with her as a result of these actions, my own opinion being she is a twit and deserves everything that goes along with revealing professional misconduct to her superior.   Janet however provided a modicum of support, while indicating that she needs to straighten up, or else.

That leaves Tatum and Richard, once again relegated the task of providing the case with the most comic elements, in an intentional effort perhaps to lighten the otherwise dour atmosphere of the episode.   Tatum is convinced that their client is indeed corrupt on the basis of the fact he sports a “pedo-tache”.   Though not guilty of the embezzling that she first suspects, she is on to something, partially to Richard’s chagrin.   Running concurrently with this story is Tatum probing Richard for information on his fledgling romance, with more than one lingering look indicating jealousy, even if it does turn out that she misses having a pretend gay friend at her beck and call.

The Richard and Tatum bits are a bit weak in this episode, but otherwise this was a strong episode, and I recommend those that missed it to see it on ABC2 tonight, or on ABC iView.

4 stars out of 5


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