Great Treasures at Gametraders – 9th November 2011

Another week, and more great stock from that haven of gaming and pop culture in general, Gametraders Blacktown.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Little needs be said about this release, the latest in the all-powerful Call of Duty combat series.   I have overheard that some have finished it already, impressive for a game released globally just yesterday.   So it may just be worth picking up a copy to see what all the fuss is about.

Sonic Generations

I am still the owner of a Sega Megadrive, and as goes with the territory for such ownership, I also possess an Original Sonic the Hedgehog game.   It brings me true nostalgic joy to see this release, which celebrates Sonic’s 20th birthday.   The plot brings both modern and classic Sonic together to face off against a new enemy, the Time Eater.

Goldeneye Reloaded

Any gamer would be familiar with Goldeneye for the N64, the James Bond game to which all subsequent 007 titles aspire.   Recently, the game was remade with Daniel Craig given the HD Walther PPK.   Originally just for Nintendo consoles, this has now been released across the board, so that us 360 and PS3 owners can join in the fun too.

Wallets and apparel

As you can see from above, the new stock of belt buckles, wallets, caps and beanies on sale in store is bloody amazing.   I have my eye on a Master Chief Belt Buckle, a Sonic wallet, and a Duff beer cap (complete with bottle opener in the brim!!) as all potential purchases next time I am in the store!!

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