Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 8

Air Date: 10th November, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Jordan, Mackenzie, Jacelle, Sarah

Geeks: Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, with the addition of previous geeks Adam, Theo, Colin, and Nathan

Synopsis: Breaking from trend with previous season,s the geeks that were already eliminated this year have returned for makeovers, to be administered by the already made over geeks.   Once again, the production team managed to top the prominent advertised element of the episode with yet another twist.

Interpersonal relationships

This episode began with some examination on how things are going in the much less populated mansion.   Gilbert continues to impress with his now more visible physique, with both Jacelle and Sarah giving him company.   I personally hope though that his eye does not wander too far, and that he remains faithful to the now absent Dolly.   Meanwhile Julian of all people helped clear the air between Jordan and Lachlan, himself showing some impressive maturity and insight in the process.

After the first challenge, Lachlan made the approach to patch things up with Jordan.   Had she not spoken with Julian, it may not have ended so well.   Though personally I felt her original anger was entirely justified, she has proven the bigger person in being forgiving of his actions.   I was very glad to see things patch up between them, as for me, conflict is NOT my idea of entertainment in reality style television.

The Challenges

The beauties had a mth challenge tonight, which was paired with handling sheep… a very obvious combination, of course!!   The comedy was exactly as could be predicted, including Sarah hoping to get the sheep to co-operate by asking them nicely.   Well, I suppose it did work for Babe…

Each sheep had a number or mathematical symbol, and the beauties had to assemble an equation that accurately equalled 60.   Jacelle continues to storm ahead strongly.   Not only was she an adept hand at the sheep, she managed to get an equation out with previously having proven her times tables left a lot to be desired.

The geek challenge was the promised makeover of the previously eliminated geeks.   Jimmy had to make over Adam, Lachlan had Nathan,Gilbert had Colin, and Julian was left with Theo.   Interestingly, with the waxing, the geeks still in competition had an almost sadistic pleasure.   When it came to tanning though, the excitement was decidely diminished… not that I can say I blame them.   When time for the revelation,

*Insert predictable ad break here*

There was a certain level of improvement, though to a degree.   Theo looked better with less hair, though the tan was horrendous, and the outfit bloody appalling.   Colin however looked quite incredible, it was better than some of the professional makeovers of the past.   Similar could also be said for Nathan, aside from the jeans and somewhat botched haircut.   Adam was last, and he had an incredible improvement, meaning in the end for me that it was between Adam and Colin, hence for me it was between Jimmy and Gilbert.   I was pretty spot on with the beauties, whom voted, that Jimmy’s makeover of Adam was the winner.

The Twist

The victors of the challenges tonight were not asked to nominate a couple to go through to elimination.   Rather, they nominated a former couple to return.   I am of two minds as to whether this twist is best for the series.   It seems like a ploy to extend the running of what must remain a rating hits for the network.  Especially this late on in the game, with the prospect that last week was the finale seeing the top three couples face off, a part of me was asking “Are you kidding me?”.   Despite this though, the chance to see an eliminated couple continue to grow is an enticing prospect.   So as I said, I am of two minds, and I guess the coming weeks will solidify my opinion in one direction or another.

Jacelle and Gilbert nominated Colin and Gaia, meanwhile, unsurprisingly, Jimmy and Mackenzie nominated Helen and Troy.   These couples returned to the elimination room to determine which would make the successful return.   Unfortunately, Colin and Gaia were unable to answer any correct questions, giving Helen and Troy entry back into the mansion.   I am personally delighted for Helen, though I have previously made my opinion of Troy very clear, so it was another case of mixed feelings for me tonight.

Next Week

For those that have been following these reviews of the season to date, I thank you.   I should give advance warning though, that in the next two weeks my review will be appearing a little later on in the evening than it has in the past due to work commitments.   I will get it up at the earliest convenience, though.


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