Gametraders Blacktown Cosplay Competition – 13th November 2011

To celebrate Naruto Shippuden Collection 07, Gametraders Blacktown held a cosplay comp today, with the best male and female cosplayers to receive a free copy!!   I have taken pictures of staff and competitors alike, just see below.   The winning male and female will be announced either this evening or tomorrow morning!

Naruto specific cosplay

Non-Naruto cosplay


Staff Cosplay

Celine as Amber

Alanna as Baby Doll

Ingrid as Blondie

The Sucker Punch Cosplay Group

Myself as Jayne Cobb from Firefly/Serenity


Thanks to all who came in to the store today to join in the fun.   It was a successful promotion, so much so that the cosplay comp may become a regular feature for Gametraders Blacktown, with a tentative schedule suggested for once every two months.   As the immortal Big Kev would say, “I’m Excited!!”

3 thoughts on “Gametraders Blacktown Cosplay Competition – 13th November 2011

  1. Hey did you take a pic of me and my itachi clone btw i am the one who was itachi with my naruto bag and earphones and the itachi clone i am talking is the one with the hat.. do you have th eone of me and him together?

    • Hi Katarina, I went back through my photos, but it must have been somebody else that took that shot, I’m sorry. Do you know if it was a member of staff that took your photo?? I might have a chance of tracking it down, if so…

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