Great Treasures at Gametraders – 16th November 2011

Anyone who has not been into Gametraders Blacktown in the last week, be prepared to be amazed.   In one short week there has been an abundance of new stock delivered to the store, ready to transport any pop culture enthusiast to Nerdvana.

New Games

Assassins Creed: Revelations

This is the latest instalment in the insanely popular Assassin’s Creed franchise, and not only do Gametraders have the game on offer, but also a wide range of merchandise to complement the release of the game, including the figurines pictured below.   As in store, and you can get some great deals bundling any of these items with the game!!

Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniversary Edition

It has been ten years since Master Chief graced first generation X-Box consoles, and this is cause to celebrate.   The Anniversary edition of the game is a remake of the original.    The plot has not change, but the graphics have been almost entirely rebuilt, with online play and achievements also available for this re-release.   Personally though I find the best feature to be the ability to flick between the old graphics and the new with the press of a button.   Copies being sold at Gametraders also come with a collectors tin, exclusive to Gametraders, and for a total price of $129.95, you can bundle in a replica energy sword, which normally retails for $99.95 alone!!

Don’t forget to check out thew latest in Hale action figures too!!

Saints Row the Third

Another game, another popular franchise instalment.   I have personally never played a Saints Row game before, but I am aware that there has been some anticipation for this game.   Wait no longer, it is here, and on special to boot, as you can see above!!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Have all your favourites from Marvel comics face up against the video game greats as created by Capcom.   Really, it is all there in the title.   It sells itself!!

Pop Culture goodies

The Guild: Season Three

For those that might have caught my first weekly Gametraders instalment, as well as my review of The Guild Seasons 1 and 2, you would be aware that I am a huge fan of this web series.   Season Three continues this online onslaught, with new stars Michele Boyd, of Team Unicorn fame (G33ks and G4M3R Girls), and Wil Wheaton, who seems to be popping up everywhere these days!

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood

Angry Birds took the world by storm, knocking Snake from its pinnacle of being the word’s most popular game to play on a mobile phone.   Well now you can take it out of the mobile and into real life, creating structures to sit your pigs in to fire those irate avian creatures at until your eggs come home!!

Large Zelda Shield

The popularity of Link will never die, and now you can complete your Zelda cosplay with this awesome shield!!   The matching sword is also available.   Pick this up when you come to pre-order your copy of Skyward Sword!!

Latex Gears of War Cleaver

This is the first in a range of Latex weapons that will soon be available for purchase.   Essentially, it will be another weapons cabinet, but one that is open for all ages to purchase from!!

Doctor Who Talking Plush Toys

As a Doctor Who fan, I find these the awesomest of the awesomest.   These are Doctor Who toys that all ages can play with.   Though I must admit, a Dalek looking this cute can never been taken seriously, even when it is screaming “Exterminate!!”

Star Wars mints

Look at the above photo.   Mints in themselves are quite useful for bad breath, but when they come in tins like this, they suddenly become fun.   Who can resist a tin shaped like R2D2 or a Death Star??   Better yet, you can get any three tins for $10!!   Sweet!!

That is a wrap for this week, but check out this video from our friends at Problem Child productions, whom share my passion for everything Gametraders!!


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