Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 9

Air Date: 10th November, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Jordan, Mackenzie, Jacelle, Sarah, Troy

Geeks: Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan, Helen

Synopsis: With Helen and Troy re-introduced last week, the romances that were being established were once again able to be explored.   As far as challenges, we had one that was ultra unfair again this week, and yet we had another that has to be one of my absolute favourites.   All this, and it is the second last episode to boot!!

We are reminded early on that this is the second last, or “penultimate” week of this season.   As for anything else relationship related, we are required to wait until later.   We jump straight into the challenges.

The Challenges

The geeks were required to attempt life drawing this week, of a very attractive nude female model.   The guy geeks reactions were priceless.   In addition, the model was annoyingly chatty.   In many respect it made her unattractive to me, and I do not blame the geeks for getting annoyed either, as they only had a limited time to actually complete their drawings.

With the reveal of the drawings many were bloody appalling.   Only two were actually decent, those being Helen’s, and the clear winner being Gilly’s.   But, surprise surprise, we get a twist.   I can’t remember the last time the show tried a twist… oh wait.   Anyway, the challenge was actually a listening challenge.   All well and good, but it seems unfair that the chatter was a mundane flake that the guys, and definitely not Helen, would ever try to pick up anyway.   Jimmy was the winner, which I am always happy to see, but of all the challenges to date, over three seasons, this was the most ridiculous.

The Beauty challenge was once again more of a combined challenge.   The geeks had to choose a London icon, which the Beauty must capture in both appearance and knowledge.   Troy got to learn about Doctor Who, a bloody fantastic choice from Helen.   Gilbert, interestingly, chose Big Ben for Jacelle, the only inanimate choice…interesting.   Jimmy, like Helen, was bloody awesome in selecting for Mackenzie to be a Honey Rider from Dr No.   Julian selected Hermione Granger for Jordan, another fine, fine choice.   Lachlan frumped up Sarah as Queen Elizabeth II.

Mackenzie had NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea about Bond, I almost wept!!   Troy did slightly better, identifying himself as a Time Lord, yet then lost the plot.    Lachlan was smart choosing an identifiable person from modern society, yet her knowledge failed miserably.   Jacelle was bloody awesome as Big Ben, with her “Tranny voice”.   She stumbled on knowledge, but got through it okay.   Jordan played Hermione quite well, her main stumble was calling Muggles “mongrels”.   Jordan succeeded though, and she was the clear winner.   A fine choice.

Whereas the geek challenge positively sucked, The Beauty one was bloody priceless.   Never before has BATG brought together Doctor Who, James Bond, and Harry Potter together in one challenge.   I could achieve true Nerdvana with this one.   It almost made up for the geek challenge.

Interpersonal relationships

Yet again we have Lachlan making up for his tattoo indiscretion from a few weeks ago, with a painful yet kinda sickly sweet serenade, of a self-penned song.   It worked for Jordan, and I am glad they are happy.   I just wish my ears had not had to experience that particular torture.

There was the hint before Helen left of something between Jimmy and Helen.   With Helen back, this could be explored once again.   As they are both now post-makeover, the attraction between them now has the physical appearance element as well, Helen admitting she finds Jimmy ridiculously handsome.  Jimmy sucked it up and asked her out, which if even the answer were negative, it shows that the show has succeeded in building his confidence.   Unfortunately Helen was already in a relationship, getting the poor guy shot down, but it does seem to be another producer interference element, as if there had not been some embargo in her saying so earlier, I would imagine she would have been very open about this fact with the entire group earlier.

The Elimination

Jimmy and Mackenzie chose Lachlan and Sarah, whilst Jordan and Julian nominated Helen and Troy, meaning Gilbert and Jacelle were through to the final with the couples successful in the challenges.   The other obvious consequence, with whichever couple eliminated, is that a relationship will once again be split up… either Lachlan and Jordan, or, once again, Troy and Mackenzie.

This was the closest elimination yet, with the Beauties tying on one all leaving an even playing field for the geeks.   Both geeks both proceeded to then get their first question right, and then their second question right.   Tie breaker time.   Lachlan got it in a simple “closest to” matter.

So Helen and Troy are eliminated again.   In many respects this is actually quite fair, as until the recent reality trend, in life if you lose in something you are out.   Now, as long as Lachlan doesn’t sing again next week, I think we may yet have a reasonably fair outcome to this season.


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