Holiday* Viewing

*By “Holiday”, I mean gainfully unemployed.

During my “Holiday”, I have not been idle. Much. I’ve done a few things… Ok, ok, I’ve watched some movies, read some books and reaquainted myself with my favourite fandoms, all the while begging for employment. There. Happy?

Below is the start of some cheap and cheerful reviews for the movies I’ve seen since July. I’ll upload a couple each Sunday until I’ve caught up with the list then, if I’m still on “Holiday”, I’ll post them as I see them.

All of the links should take you to IMDB.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, theatrical release

Daniel Radcliff finally faces off with Ralph Finnes in the last of the iconic Harry Potter adaptations. Oh, my freakin’ god. Best end of a movie franchise of all the movie franchises. Just don’t mention the last scene to me. Ever. Just like the epilogue doesn’t exist in the books (as far as I’m concerned), the last scene in the movie will never be played when I buy the movie on DVD.

The Prestige, DVD

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale play 19th Century magicians trying to out do each other with the ultimate illusion. Not bad but the twist at the end would have been a better pay-off if I hadn’t already figured it out. David Bowie makes an expected but awesome cameo.

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