Beauty and the Geek Australia – Season 3, Episode 10

Air Date: 10th November, 2011

Host: Bernard Curry

Beauties: Jordan, Mackenzie, Jacelle, Sarah

Geeks: Gilbert, Jimmy, Julian, Lachlan

Synopsis:   It is the Grand Final for the third time in Beauty and the Geek Australia, and the first time with four couple competing each other.   Which will take out the 2011 crown??

The episode interestingly started on a sentimental note, showing the closeness of the couples.   Sarah has actually been influenced from the experience to head to university.   Jimmy considers Mackenzie family (the poor deluded fool).   Gilbert and Jacelle did not come across as close as the others, but that is completely understandable given that they were only paired after Maddy’s shock exit.   Finally, Jordan and Julian’s bond was that of genuine, kinda cute friendship.

The First Elimination Challenge

The first challenge was an elimination of the fourth couple, sending the couples back to school with three subjects examined… Science, Home Economics and Physical Education.   For science, the beauties had to make a rocket that had to reach above a certain point.   Mackenzie apparently loves pumping things… a poor, easy pun at the best of times.   Jordan successfully finished first, followed by Mackenzie, then Jacelle.   Sarah came last, though to be fair, her rocket was also successful.   This was a pretty decent challenge, and a good test for each of the beauties.

For the Home Economics topic, the geeks had to make a cake inspired by their beauties.   Jimmy took the fact that Mackenie likes black waaaay too far, creating a cake that was a black M… kinda disturbing to look at, not surprisingly.   Lachlan did very well, incorporating pink, leopard print, and Sarah’s big smile.   Gilbert did quite well with a barnyard motif, representing Jacelle’s background.   Julian’s effort showed some inexperience with his, but it was still a very nice effort, with an image of Jordan on a pink star-shaped cake,   The results were not immediately revealed though, which was quite annoying

The PE challenged was a combined challenge, and perhaps the first truly combined challenge in the entire season… an attempt at synchronised diving from a springboard.   Lachlan and Sarah started with a simple feet first jump.   Nor spectacular, but pretty synchronous.   Same could be said for Jimmy and Mackenzie, but the dive style was more a foetal position fall rather than anything artistic.   Jacelle and Gilbert actually did do a dive, and it was pretty simultaneous, putting them in front so far.   Jordan was freaking out, but got the guts to jump.   It was not the best dive from her, but total kudos for overcoming her vertigo on this occasion.

Then of course a twist to the challenge.   What??   Never a twist on Beauty and the Geek!!   The couples were then asked to jump of a 7m diving board.   Lachlan and Sarah repeated their dive technique  and got through it okay.  Jordan of course freaked again, but again found the courage from somewhere, with the feet first jump.   Jacelle and Gilbert followed, with pretty much the same results.   I loved Jimmy’s reference to himself and heights… it is like the Romulans and the Klingons.   I really love this guy for those references.   Jimmy could not do it, but the poor guy was almost hyperventilating.n   For me, this challenge was yet another case of the season losing the plot a little, and testing courage rather than mental skill or emotional IQ.   So for Jimmy and Mackenzie to lose points here strikes me as not entirely fair.

Jordan and Julian came first with an overall B+, followed by Jacelle and Gilbert with a B, largely thanks to Gilbert’s cake.  In a tight finish for the bottom two, Sarah and Lachlan ended with a C, whilst largely due to Jimmy’s vertigo, the final score for him and Mackenzie was C-.   Lachlan and Sarah are a strong couple, but so are all the couples remaining at this stage.   For Jimmy and Mackenzie to be eliminated due to vertigo, regardless of my feelings about Mackenzie, strikes me as absurd, as that has nothing to do with anything that could be learnt by the couples in the house.

The Second Elimination Challenge

The now three remaining couples had a dance challenge while attending a “school formal”.   To get there they went in a pink hummer limo… one of the most ghastly car options available in my opinion, lacking any class, but the contestants did not seem to mind.   The venue also failed to impress me, with a ghastly multi-coloured disco dance floor.   Adding kissing booths to the mix further brings down the tone.   At the rate they were going, this really was turning into something as ghastly and mortifying as a real school formal!!

The beauties had to spruik the geeks for the kissing booths.   It was full of the usual stuff, my geek is so cute, blah blah blah, but Sarah promoted Lachlan to guys, much to his chagrin, but Jacelle went smart choosing to promote Gilly’s body, which previously was observed to be impressive.   It was kinda cool that this was going to be Julian’s first kiss, and the formal guests went for it.   This is more what the show should be about, as this would be a total confidence boost for him in the social department.  Gilbert did unsurprisingly well.   Of all the geeks though, Lachlan did not seem to impressed, but given his new girlfriend was also present, I can respect him for being reticent.

The dancing element was next, and was a lot of fun.   They all went into the challenge with similar gusto, and in some cases some surprising skill.   Then again, that is easy for me to say given I can’t dance to save myself.   Most importantly, they had fun, and as I said above, I feel that this challenge was more in the spirit of how this series started back in season one.

I was not surprised to hear that Jordan and Julian got first place in this challenge, on the basis they had the strongest bond.   Lachlan was in a difficult position with the kissing challenge, and Gilbert and Jacelle had not had the same opportunities to bond as the others given how recently they became a couple.   Lachlan and Sarah pulled through in the end, leaving Gilbert and Jacelle to be eliminated.   They all did really well though, and the fact that the votes were very close I think fairly represents how strongly these three couples stand.

The Graduation

Before the final elimination quiz, we had the “look back at this season opportunity”, with the two remaining couples following through on final examinations and formals with a graduation.   The remaining couples got to express their thanks to their partners.   Julian had a truly winning speech, even  bringing tears to Jordan’s eyes, and maybe a certain reviewer’s.

Unfortunately, the moment was then tarnished for me.   The news that Mackenzie and Troy are now engaged was pretty much already public knowledge.   So to have this sickeningly cloying relationship thrown in our faces again I thought exceedingly frustrating.   The focus at this “graduation” should have been the graduates, not two eliminated contestants that overall did not seem to grow as much as many of the others over the last ten weeks.

The Final Elimination

It was sweet that both Jordan and Lachlan both made it to the end.   They were the first relationship in the house, and it is kind of nice to see the full evolution.   One of them would win the money, and the other not, but even before the quiz, the clear impression is that they are both the winners.

The challenge was “How well do you know your partner?”.   The short answer for all the contestants, was “pretty well”, though Lachlan got two right to Julian’s one, though there was a little bit of chance in there too with those results.   Jordan evened it up a bit, and from there it remained even. So, of course, we got to the tie break.   Adding math to knowledge did not trip up either beauty, showing they both deserve to be there, having picked up a thing or two while in the mansion.   So we got another tie-breaker.   While frustrating, on this occasion it was in an edge-of-the-seat exciting way.   In the end, Sarah beat Jordan in being closer to guessing her geek’s height, making them the champions of 2011.

I would have been happy with either of these couples winning, though I will admit Jordan’s infectious personality perhaps had me rooting for them in this final challenge.   Sarah did come a long way, and more often than not did it with her big, Billie Piper like smile.   Lachlan made mistakes, but in getting a girlfriend from the experience, he really did perhaps grow further than most of the other geeks, excepting perhaps Gilbert.   It was a good end to the season, and this one episode encapsulated everything that I found both bland, frustrating, and great over the last ten weeks.   Despite challenges that seemed to diverge from the intention of the series, I will be tuning in again next year.   Lets just hope the more absurd challenges decrease, rather than having an increase to the point of jumping the shark!!


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