Great Treasures at Gametraders – 30th November 2011

On Friday just passed, there was a huge delivery of collectibles received in store.   Some of them have already sold out, but there is still a lot of awesome stuff left, with yet more due early next week.   Lets take a peek.

Doctor Who goodies

The items pictured above have both been in stock before, but they make a welcome return after being sold out for a while.   I already own both the Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug and the TARDIS cookie jar, and can personally vouch for their sheer awesomeness.   (Doctor) Who can refuse having a TARDIS dematerialise before their very eyes on their own mug, let alone a cookie jar that lights up and makes the dematerialising noise when you close it.   No it is NOT bigger on the inside, but hopefully that development is just a few years away.

Vinyl figures

This is only a small selection of the vinyl figures now available.   There was a huge Star Wars stock, most of which disappeared over the weekend.   As promised above though, there should be more coming in early next week.   Pre-order now or pop in daily so that you don’t miss out!!

Wacky Wobblers

In addition to the vinyl figures, these larger wacky wobblers are also available.   This range also has seen a mass exodus since first going on the shelves, but with popularity like this, these items shall also be restocked.   Some of the sold out figures include Big Bang Theory characters.   Can you think of anywhere else you can also pick up a Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz that will be at home on your desk

Gears of War action figures

These figures are going for surprisingly cheap prices in the lead up to Christmas.   There are many options available, whether you are a Dominic or a Marcus fan, or even if you want a Theron sitting on your mantle!!

New on DVD and Bluray

Yes, you see correctly.   Tintin on DVD and BluRay.   I have already started re-living my childhood with this set, just in time for the release of the new film due for release on Boxing Day.   Perfect time to revisit one of Herge’s most popular creations.   For those that want their funny bone tickled, we also have the brain child of Seth Green, Robot Chicken available for sale.   Season 5, coming straight to you!!

Lord of the Rings: War in the North

The latest LOTR game available, this takes a similar approach to “The Third Age”, giving you control of a party operating peripherally to the vents of the popular saga.   I have played it myself, and my first impressions are pretty positive.   Unlike The Third Age, it has a more natural battle system, and the story, at least for the stage that I am at, is certainly intriguing and thus far faithful to Tolkien also.

Skyrim back in stock

This has clearly been the most popular release of the last month, and no wonder why!!   The game is free-roaming by nature, choosing whichever quests you so wish as you slay dragons, escape dungeons, and assist the folk of the towns through which you pass.   An intention to sit down and play for an hour ends in one realising way to late that an entire day has passed.   Also available in store are game guides for those that are really serious about upgrading their characters!!


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