Holiday* Viewing

This is a new weekly feature every Sunday that highlights all the movies I’ve seen while I’m on “Holiday”*.

Jane Eyre, in an aeroplane further over the Pacific

Yet another adaptation of the novel by Charlotte Bronte, this one with Mia Wasikowska (from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), was a real snore. Literally. I fell asleep during the opening credits and woke up just as Jane realises that Rochester (Michael Fassbender) is a tosser and comes to her senses. The snorefest probably had more to do with the long-haul flight I was on at the time of watching than how boring Jane is, but as far as classic adaptations go, I don’t reckon I’ll line this one up for my DVD player anytime soon.

Cowboys and Aliens, down the block from Forbidden Planet, NY.

Daniel Craig (or to use the name I give him, Daniel-Craig-I-Want-His-Babies) is a very believable (and extremely awesome) cowboy who has to team up with Harrison Ford to combat the aliens that have taken up residence near their town. Awesome actionfest that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the subject. Some surprisingly poignant moments though. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

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