Great Treasures at Gametraders – 7th December 2011

This week, courtesy of Gametraders Blacktown

Mario Kart 7

The 3DS continues to expand on its list of titles with some of the most popular characters from Nintendo’s great past.   Following updates of Zelda and Mario Land, Mario Kart is now available in glorious, glasses-less 3D.   At this price too, snap it up quickly.


After finally getting the figurines for this game in a few weeks ago (they have subsequently sold out, but more are expected to arrive next week), the original game that started it all is now available from Gametraders Blacktown on both PS3 and 360.   Given how fast the figurines went, you may want to rush in before these disappear too!!

Doctor Who merchandise

I had not been in the store myself since Saturday, so to walk in and see all the above Doctor Who additions to the store filled me with true glee.   The 11 Doctors action figure set is a must for the true fan, with each Doctor modelled in exquisite detail.   There is a whole new range of coffee mugs to make at home beside your Disappearing TARDIS one, including one that actually i shaped like the TARDIS with the roof making the lid!!   Ad to that a Dalek Projection alarm clock and an 11th Doctor/Amy/TARDIS set, you have all you need to accompany watching this year’s Christmas Special, The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe.

Sonic the Hedgehog figurines

This stock of Sonic figurines ranges from his very earliest days with Sega, and includes most of his most popular friends that have been introduced over the years.   Those that still own their original Master Systems and Megadrives should get a real hoot from this set.   I have seen some collectors coming in and buying the whole set!

Little Big Planet Christmas plush

Little Big Planet was a PS3 gem, and the plush have been available in store for a while.   Those that want a bit more Yuletide cheer with their plush though should certainly give this collection a good look!!!

Terminator 2 Endoskeleton

There have been headknockers in store before now, but this is one big-arse super model!!   It looks great in the box if you are a collector, but it would also make one imposing centre piece posing on one’s mantle!!

Gametraders Blacktown, “I’ll be back!”

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