Holiday Viewing

This is a new weekly feature every Sunday that highlights all the movies I’ve seen while I’m on “Holiday”*.

Water for Elephants, in an aeroplane over middle America

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon play forbidden lovers (she’s married to yet another disturbing character played by Christoph Waltz). It’s a very pretty movie and it was nice to see R-Patz not play a broody vampire, but not even the talents of Witherspoon and Rosie, the very charming elephant, could capture my heart with this one.


Sucker Punch,DVD

After her mother dies and she inadvertently shoots her sister, Emily Brownings’s Baby Doll is placed into an asylum for girls by a rat of a stepfather. From here she has delusions of an alternate reality of what the asylum is and what they have to do in order to survive and, eventually, escape. Visually stunning with a fantastic performance from Carla Guigino and cameos by Jon Hamm and Scott Glenn, the soundtrack is awesome as well.

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