Great Treasures at Gametraders – 15th December 2011

Replica Weapons

Last week, Gametraders Blacktown got in some lovely new replica weapons in from Global Gear.   As can be seen above, we got some lovely hand-made Katanas, masonic style swords, and we even got The Bride’s blades from Kill Bill.   Not pictures here but also worth having a look at from Global Gear are some impressive bronzed statuettes of Aliens versing Predators!

Kinect Games

In response to increasing demand, Gametraders Blacktown have increased their stock of available games for the Kinect.   Those shown above are just a fraction of what we now have available, with maybe even one or two more titles due in before Christmas.   Those with a dust-collecting Kinect sensor may finally get more use out f it!!


Not only has the stock of available shirts increased, but finally we have shirt friendly hooks on which to hang them… no more falling shirts while you look for the perfect one right up the back!


Meet the Drups!   No, not another Ben Stiller sequel, these are plush dragon pups exclusive to Gametraders.   There are many to collect, but they are very popular already and selling fast.   If you are interested, I suggest you hurry in before it is too late!

Doctor Who Merchandise

I ave promoted the Doc merchandise in a number of previous posts, and the best of this stuff has been restocked for christmas.   I wanted to introduce this little guy.   We have had the Talking plush TARDIS and Daleks already, and now we have the talking Cyberman.   “Delete… Delete…..”

Wacky Wobblers

There are so many Wacky Wobblers and vinyl figures now that they take up their own display!!   Newest additions include The Godfather and… ahem… Jersey Shore.   Gametraders certainly does cater for everyone, let it not be said otherwise!

The Guild – Season 4

It has only been 2 months since we got the first two seasons, and here we are already.   I have not yet had the chance to see this season, but as I grabbed a copy the moment it arrived, expect a review soon!   Okay, yes my season 3 review is late, but I aim to have it up tomorrow!!

Harry Potter

Some of the Staff at Gametraders Blacktown are HUGE Harry Potter fans, and very fond of the merchandise available overseas via The Noble Collection.   If you are also a fan check out the link.   Then come in store, and back up both Josh and Celine’s desire to get some authentic replica wands in stock!!   Check out this previous post too, to get an idea of the quality we are talking about.    Laws of commerce say that we shall only get supply if there is indeed a demand!!

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