Great Treasures at Gametraders – 22nd December 2011

This is the last Great Treasures at Gametraders post prior to Christmas… so it might just be the place to look for those last-minute Christmas gift ideas!

Replica James Bond Walther PPK

There are five primary franchises that I really hold dear.   Previously, the main ones for which Gametraders has catered towards for me is The Lord of the Rings, with the delightfully sculpted blades from these films in the weapons cabinet, and of course their wide range of Doctor Who merchandise.   They now cater towards the second of these, with this beautiful framed replica of James Bond’s Walther PPK.   Upon my reaction, I was told that rarely can a grown man be seen to react in such a way.   I picked one up immediately!!   Now all we need is some Star Trek and Harry Potter merchandise, and I would never leave the store!

Statuettes and action figures

For this section of today’s post, it really is a case of letting the images speak for themselves…  The Iron Man in Mach 5 armour is wonderfully detailed, the Predators are each of them drool worthy, and the 12” Christoppher Reeve Superman was enough to tempt me to rewatch all the original Superman films all over again.   There has been a lot of interest in the Terminators, both in Arnie and Endoskeleton form, and the Bruce Lee almost did not make it out onto display, so much was it desired by a member of staff.   We then have the series 1 Arkham City action figures, so amazing that one hopes a series 2 with the Joker and Catwoman is not far behind!   Then we have the immortal Conan (the Arnie version, of course), and some smaller Mortal Kombat figures that would look great in that corner of the house that just looks too bare.   Christmas HAS come early at Gametraders!

Family Guy merchandise

Also new in store is a selection of Family Guy merchandise.   There are action figures that reference some of the great moments of the series, as well as a number of great small plush toys, including the Evil Monkey from Chris’ closet!!   Giggidy Giggidy!

Vinyl figures and Wacky Wobblers

These have proved so popular, there is now a whole section dedicated to them, as can be seen by the lowest picture above.   Some new ones in stock this week include Frodo, the Quagmire C-3PO, and Alan from The Hangover.

True Blood mugs

Branded for vampire hang out and realm of Eric, Fangtasia, these mugs are for the true fan of True Blood.   Don’t forget, you can pick up a bottle of True Blood from within store as well.   A perfect combo!

Doctor Who merchandise

Can you believe it??   Adrian has found het more Doctor Who items to stock up on to drain the wallet of any fan of The Doctor.   To what you have seen previously, add TARDIS Ice Buckets, USB hubs, and safes!   There is of course also the talking key chain…

Talking Key Chains

…Talking key chains which also include Star Wars, Clone Wars, Scarface, Chopper… all of them great to annoy the relatives over the Christmas holidays.

Revenge of the Film Nerds and Gametraders Blacktown hope you all have a very enjoyable and safe Christmas, as we aim to continue aiding you on your journey to true Nerdvana.   The next post shall be Boxing Day or the day after, as we review the long anticipated national release of Spielberg’s Tintin!

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