The Guild: Season 4 – A Review by Film Nerd

Created by: Felicia Day

Cast: Felicia Day, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, Vincent Caso, Amy Okuda, Wil Wheaton, Brett Sheridan, Viji Nathan, Frank Ashmore, Tymberlee Hill

Synopsis: Codex is suffering major guilt as a result of “sleeping with the enemy” at the end of last season, whilst also hopelessly pursuing Fawkes to make the experience more than just a one night stand.   There is also a return to the restaurant Cheesy Beards, at which both Bladezz and Codex get jobs.   Still smitten Zaboo tries to be a supportive best friend to Codex in her new romance, with the added difficulty of his mother back in his life.   Zaboo’s mother also proves an asset to Vork as he tries to farm cash for a Guild Hall and ends up having a monopoly in the game.   He is competing with Clara and Tink, whom have different ideas of how the Guild Hall should be decorated.

With the fourth season of The Guild, the web series continues to move from strength to strength.   While taking some new fresh directions, the overall storylines are also solidified this season with the return of two of the previous season’s big bads, Zaboo’s Mother (Nathan) and Fawkes (Wheaton).   Wheaton’s involvement was obvious, given his cliff-hanger moment at the end of last season, however it was great to see Nathan return, showing a more sympathetic side to her character.   It is also a great transition, as clearly there were issues for Zaboo that still needed to be resolved before he could truly grow any further as a character.

One of the flaws from last season that has been addressed in this one is that each of the six lead characters does get a great story arc.Tink and Clara going into business together was a surprise move, but one that was mined for all of its comic potential.   The two characters had little one-on-one interaction prior to these scenes, and seeing their two very different world views juxtaposed was absolutely brilliant.   Vork is competing against them aiming for a more austere Guild Hall than their pastel coloured vision, and originally fails miserably.   With the Help of Zaboo’s mother, he eventually has somewhat of a black market forming in the game that leads to a great financial imbalance, having him perceived by other gamers as some kind of kingpin.   This story does have some really unexpected results, including an absolutely classic last episode cameo, which also sets the scene for the next season.

Zaboo himself, while fearing his mother, is surprisingly unaffected by her presence.   So it leaves him free to pursue a more mature, best-friend style relationship with Codex.   His attempt indeed do lack maturity, but Day had scripted his growth so well that when he has learnt lessons at the end of the season, they are credible, which says a lot given the previous extremes of the character.

Bladezz is the first of the gang we see employed this season, being the hopeless cook at Cheesey Beards, doing all the wrong, most immature things, yet being loved as a little scamp by Ollie (Ashmore), the owner  of the restaurant.   It is this favouritism that gets Codex a job there, a position she accepts purely for the computer access, given that her computer is now fried (perceived as karma after having been involved in a one-night stand and “betraying” the Knights of Good).   In the end, the Guild remains truly her story, with her social skills and her world view always being challenged when reality seems into her imaginary world.

As for the special features on this DVD set, there is another comedy music video available, “Game On”, some features on Nathan and Ashmore, and the characters they portray in this season,a gag reel, and a table read of the first episode.   Light entertainment all of it, but well-fitting in tone with the series itself.

This season is another stand out for the guild, and a must have for a true fan!!

4.5 stars out of 5


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