Great Treasures at Gametraders – 4th January 2012

Games recently added to stock

Just before Christmas, in time for the release of the film of the same name, The Adventures of Tintin hit the shelves of Gametraders Blacktown, and a few copies are still available.   Also, a lot of Kinect bundles were sold over the holiday season, so clearly it is time to cater towards those that want to get the full use out of the Kinect sensor.   Stock in Kinect games continues to increase, with Kinect Sports Season 2, Sesame Street’s Once Upon a Monster, and Dance Central being added to the games already available.

Vinyl Figures

Another delivery of Vinyl figures have arrived, including stock of some that have been very difficult to get a hold of recently.   Looking at the images above, we have Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Two Face, Jimmi Hendrix, The Flash and Green Arrow now available, as well as new stock of the always popular Wonder Woman, Wolverine, and Homer Simpson!!

Back to the Future

The Flux Capacitor has been activated, and the most souped up DeLorean of all time is Back from a few trips in the Future.   It is a little smaller than Marty McFly’s version, true, but It will look great on any mantle piece.   Gametraders would like to remind customers that they are not responsible for any flaming tire tracks that appear on said mantle as a result.

Framed Prints

For those that want posters with a little bit more style this is the way to go.   Clearly, there is quite a few Star Wars options available, but there are a number of video game options available too.   Ask at the counter to be shown the entire available stock.

True Blood

No matter if you like Bill or Eric, we have you covered.   Bill fans can knock back on as bit of O+ with a bottle of Tru Blood, the blood (orange) substitute.   Or those that want their vampires a bit more Nordic, enjoy a mug from Fangtasia, Eric’s vampire haunt.

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