Great Treasures at Gametraders – 11th January 2012 (this week with extra Tripod)

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Revenge of the Film Nerds author SchmandaRose was fortunate enough to post a review of beta testing The Old Republic, and now it is available for the wider community as whole, with the  software for this anticipated MMO now available at Gametraders Blacktown, and in all Gametraders stores.   Read SchmandaRose’s review, then grab a copy for yourself!!

Halo Vinyl Figures

The sheer extreme variety of vinyl figures at Gametraders continues to grow, with Halo now being represented!   Come in store and check out the Master Chief and a Grunt Minor, complete with Assault Rifle and Needler respectively.   Perfect for the Xbox fanatic in the family.

On a slightly unrelated note, these figures just reminded me of a classic Tripod tune…


Hmmm…. this is a scarily accurate tune for Skyrim players the world over too….

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things

I told Adrian that this item is absolutely awesome, coming from the two-part saga “Human Nature” and  “The Family of Blood”.   The journal records school teacher John Smith’s dreams of his real life as The Doctor, while his consciousness is locked away in an innocuous fob watch such that he can prevent himself being detected by The Family of Blood.   Fingers crossed we get the fob watch itself in store to sell too!!

Hmm, Doctor Who reminds me of another Tripod song…


Pop culture “pimp” canes

Pimp canes??   WTF?    Yes, indeed there are pimp canes in store, but they have a suitable Gametraders style twist… They canes are topped by Predator heads and T-800 endoskeleton skulls… both with light up eyes.   Snap them up before the staff does!!

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