Holiday Viewing

This is a weekly feature every Sunday that highlights all the movies I’ve seen while I’m on “Holiday”*, except when I forget and upload it on a Monday…

Cirque du Freak: Vampire’s Assistant, DVD

A straight-laced teen (Chris Massoglia) gets mentored by a vampire (John C. Reilly) who’s a bit disillusioned with the world. Not a bad movie, but not great, it’s definitely a better choice than Percy Jackson. Visually interesting, there’s definitely a difference between the mundane world and the world of the freaks (the freaks have it better in my opinion). Also, the freaks themselves are awesome.

Moon, DVD

Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, lone crew member on the lunar mining operation run by Lunar Industries. His only companion is GERTY, an artificial intelligence assistant unit, voiced by Kevin Spacey. As his three-year stint on the Moon come to an end, Sam has a startling encounter. Great movie with a great plot and great performances from Sam Rockwell.

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