Great Treasures at Gametraders – 18th January 2011

Angry Birds on PC

The popular mobile phone game phenomenon has now hit your PC with the version you can see above.   Seriously, it was only a matter of time… now you can play the game on a big screen and really see those pigs get what is coming to them.

Skylanders for 3DS

Like everywhere else in the country, Gametraders Blacktown is still waiting for new stock of Skylanders figurines (ETA January 25).   Until then though, they have managed to get new stock of 3DS and 360 starter packs, for those that have not yet been initiated into the craze.   So come on in before these too disappear.

New plush toys

There are some great new plush that have arrived today, as well as the return of a few old favourites.   Tsubasa, Pikachu Backpacks, big and small Sailor Moon Lunas, and the old Nintendo favourite Kirby just make a mere few of the great new supply.   Gametraders seems more than delighted to serve all your plush needs.

Stormtrooper Goodies

To all Star Warriors and 501st legion wannabes, Gametraders is here to help us!   To start, a beautiful Sandtrooper action figure has come into the store, with numerous attachments and goodies.   In addition, a Stormtrooper helmet has also arrived in the last week.   The Empire has struck back!

Run DMC Vinyl figures

For those into the music side of the vinyl figure scene , you can now add yo your Flavor Flav with some Run DMC.   I will admit up front they are not my scene, so will highlight their presence and move on before I embarrass myself.   However, all the vinyl figures available are awesome, and this is the latest in an amazing range.

Doctor Who Fob Watch

I had a chat with store manager, Adrian, last week and he has delivered!   The Doctor Who section in store needed more David Tennant, and we now can purchase the fob watch from the Family of Blood saga.   Makes for a great pair with the Journal of impossible things, which I highlighted in last weeks Great Treasures post.

Street Fighter PlayArts figurines

These beautiful and large Ryu and Chun Li figures deserve some love from a true fan of one of gamings most enduring franchise.   Each figure really beings to life two of the most popular Street Fighter characters, with much greater success than the best forgotten JCVD flick from the 80s.

Yoshi and Sonic Slippers

If you grew up with Sega or with Nintendo, GT Blacktown has you covered in the evening wear department.   Well, at least in the “goes great with PJs” sense.    Protect your feet with these great Yoshi and Sonic slippers.   Yoshi has already been a big hit in the store, so lets also show Sega some love!

Virtual Boy

And now for all you retro gamers, here is your chance to drool.  GT Blacktown got this awesome trade in over the weekend.   I saw a member of staff testing this item out prior to accepting the trade, and she did regress to a child like state, even though I am sure this particular beauty is older than she!   I don’t expect it to stay on the shelves for too long!!

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