Holiday Viewing

This is a weekly feature every Sunday that highlights all the movies I’ve seen while I’m on “Holiday”.

Fanboys, DVD

Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette and Kristen Bell star in this fanboy’s/fangirl’s wet dream of a movie. Any self-respecting nerd will love this movie regardless of your franchise affiliation (that is, Star Wars or Star Trek). With some surprising cameos from wonderfully appropriate actors, you cannot call yourself a nerd if you have not seen this movie. 

Beastly, DVD

From the director of a few other movies I’ve never heard of, comes this version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Mary Kate (or was it Ashley) Olsen, Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. Awesome performance as usual from Neill Patrick Harris as the blind tutor but the change in Pettyfer was about as believable as the love story between him and Hudgens. That is, not very.  

Actually, I reckon the ‘beast’ looked better when he was supposed to ugly…

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