Holiday Viewing

This is a weekly feature every Sunday that highlights all the movies I’ve seen while I’m on “Holiday”*.

Beneath Hill 60, DVD

Starring Brendan Cowell and directed by Jeremy Sims, this is the little known (at least to me) true story of how a bunch of Aussie miners blew up some Germans in World War I. Some predictable moments, but pretty good on the whole and illustrates how our troops’ contributions in the major wars of last century get largely overlooked.

Carriers, DVD

An unknown contagion has brought about an apocalypse. Chris Pine and Lou Taylor Pucci are two brothers trying to make it to their childhood holiday home and on the way they come across some disturbing encounters as well as home truths. Christopher Meloni (otherwise known for playing Det. Elliot Stabler in Law and Order: SVU) has a small but brilliant part.

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