Great Treasures at Gametraders – 1st February 2012

It is a very special edition of Great Treasures this week, with many new releases due out tomorrow that Adrian, manager of Gametraders Blacktown, was good enough to let me drool over the boxes for…

Final Fantasy XIII-2

The long-awaited release in the very extensive Final Fantasy franchise is available from 9am tomorrow (Thursday)!!   It is available in the limited edition above, as well as a standard edition, which will come with a special collectors tin for a limited time.   Those that opted for the pre-order special will also be getting a few nice extras tomorrow.

Soul Calibur V

Another case of another chapter in a very popular franchise, which has been in high demand in the period leading up to the official release tomorrow.   The stock is in store, and will also be ready at 9am tomorrow.   You see above the proof that it is ready to go.

Resident Evil Revelations and 3DS Circle Pad Pro

Resident Evil is the most prominent zombie franchise out there, with games spanning multiple consoles, films, and merchandise galore.   Now it comes to the 3DS, and it comes in style, being the first game compatible with the new Circle Pad pro, a 3DS attachment that purports to give you even greater control over your portable 3D player.   Even if this was not Resident Evil, it is almost just worth it for the new experience that shall be available to you.

Star Wars Old Republic and Game Time-cards

It did not take long for Old Republic to disappear from the shelves, so it did not take long for Gametraders to order more stock.   In addition, 60 day time cards are now also available for you to be able to enjoy the game and all its environs for a further two months.   Sweet!

New PS2 and XBox pre-played game display

Looking for a new game for your favourite previous generation console.   Gametraders clearly wants to try to help you.   With this new display, it is much easier to see the available games in store.   In addition, there is a wide selection currently available after a very successful trade campaign the last few weeks.


A quick glance at Gametraders Facebook page shows the above exciting news.   Revenge of the Film Nerds loves a good cosplay, and it looks lile we will get to enjoy it again on February 12th.   Those who are interested, come along as your favourite anime, gaming, or film character and be in the running to win Naruto Shippuden Collection 8 if you are the best male or female cosplayer!!

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